the great disappointment

I know to be skeptical when the weatherdudes spend 24 hours warning us that we are going to get 5-10 inches of snow. This happens at least once a year–they get all a-twitter about the impending snow storm they create more buzz than a swarm of bees.

Grocery stores run out of bread and milk.

Liquor stores run out of booze.

And kids stay up late because they won’t have school so what does it matter?

It sleeted for 4 hours last night, but the ground was still warm, so nothing really stuck.

“Never fear!” said the weatherdudes. “The great snow dump is coming.”

Um. And when would that be? Because it sure didn’t happen last night.

Not. One. Inch.

It finally started snowing about 15 minutes ago but the weatherdudes have changed their accumulation predictions to 1-4 inches. I have determined that in the future, they need to refrain from getting everyone’s hopes up like they did. If they always predict 1-4 inches and we actually get a foot, then nobody will care. But let me tell you, they do care if you predict a foot and we only get an inch.

Not cool.

In other news, I broke down and got myself a crackBlackberry Curve. A couple of years ago, I had purchased a Blackjack (totally fell for their marketing) and though I liked it, I also had some issues with it. Especially after I switched from a PC to a Mac. I couldn’t even use bluetooth from my blackjack to my Mac. How dumb is that?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my crackBlackberry. I was going to hold out for an iPhone, but I’ve heard that they are very easy to break and since I drop my phone multiple times a week, I decided I’d better go with something sturdier. Besides, I’m just not ready to drop $500 on a phone.

I’ll keep y’all updated on the Great Snow of 2008! and hopefully, I’ll even have pictures. You know–of actual snow.

march four–post the second

First of all, here was the house this morning around 8:00:

And here it is just 6 hours later.

Arkansas is truly bizarre.

In other news–Ian has his 8th grade graduation pictures today. How handsome is he?

And Rader took a picture without making a face, so we need to remember this day in history.

And Pete and Ruby had fun tromping in the fluffy stuff this morning.

Pete especially.

march four–SNOW?

Dear Mother Nature,

Just two days ago, I was wearing shorts. It was nearing 80 degrees. The daffodils had poked through the ground and the forsythias had bloomed.

So, imagine my surprise when I woke up to an inch of snow. And it’s still coming!

Not that I don’t like snow…I do. But seriously, if you’re gonna bring it, bring it like there’s no tomorrow. I mean, 45 mins away, they got 10 inches overnight. You’re just teasing us with the snow you’re allowing to fall in Little Rock. The schools haven’t even closed yet, and they usually close when the weatherman mentions the word snow.

Anyway, I appreciate your snow thoughts, but I’d rather see some real effort. And you better get with it PDQ because I’m leaving in 25 minutes to take the kids to school. I better not get home only to have to turn right back around because you finally decided to bring it the right way.

Snowingly yours,

march three

I’m on a roll with these titles, huh? Or would that be a rut?

God I struggled to get out of bed this morning. I slept great until the paper guy came. See, he drives a monster truck and it must be starving because it growls so loud that it wakes me up every morning. They usually come around 4:30 but this morning, they came arrived a little before 4:00

Since it’s been so lovely here these last two days/nights, we’ve been sleeping with the windows open. Which was fabulous for the comfort level, but disastrous for sleeping through the night.

That is a loud-ass truck.

And we’ve discovered that the paper guy is actually paper people. There are at least 2 of them and they tag team. They carry the papers to the door (which is fabulous on one hand) but when you have the windows open, you can hear them shouting their plans of attack.

Anyway, this morning, the monster truck rumbled and roared before 4:00 an the paper-people attacked the neighborhood with gusto, and I never seemed to get back to sleep.

So now I’m drinking coffee like it’s lifeblood, glaring at my kids whose very existence is on my nerves this morning, and wondering if I’m going to make it through the day without taking a nap.

Gee Mel, cranky much?

march two

Another beautiful day here in Whoville. Love it.

We have more soccer today. Ian played a rockin’ game yesterday, he gave a valiant effort in the goal and he blocked a penalty kick like a pro. He was the youngest player on the field by two years, but he held his own nicely. Some of the players on the other team looked like full-grown men. It was a little strange watching these boys with mustaches running down my almost-14-year-old in the goal.

I am going to write this morning. Gotta get my proposal to my awesome CPs for them to shred. I love this new story and I think it’s gonna be a great one…but it needs some work.

It’s gonna be 80 degrees today. I’m shaving my legs and putting on some shorts.

I hope it’s pretty and warm wherever you are. If not, maybe it will be soon.


march one

I don’t know about you, but when I think of March 1st…I think of spring. I know that technically spring isn’t until the 21st, but I’m ready now.

And apparently so is Mother Nature, because the sun is shining, birds are chirping and it’s going to be 70 degrees today.

I love spring. And I’m in a new house so I get to discover the quirky things, like where the Daffodils are planted. (btw, a patch of Daffodils sprung up this week in my backyard which is very exciting!)

I’m ready to dig in the dirt and make my mark on the new place. I overdid it in Oxford, and created a flowerbed that was as big as Texas. I won’t be doing that here. Sure, my flowerbed was beautiful, but it was also a lot of work!

Soccer starts up today. We found a team for Ian, and his first game is this afternoon. He’s actually playing on a U-18 team, which I hope will help get his skill back up. He wants to play for Catholic next year, but to do that, he’ll have to really work hard. It’s very competitive and he hasn’t played on a team in a year. He also starts track next week. My time will no longer be my own for a while.

Happy Saturday!


This has been a great week writing wise. I’ve logged 28 pages since Monday. And I don’t care who you are, that’s totally fucktastic.

Oh yeah. I went there.

It’s 35 degrees this morning, so I’m wrapped in my blanket sitting at my desk looking at the frost on the ground. Fishdog will be here this afternoon, he’s got some Oxford stuff he has to attend to. But it’s just the two of us. The boys are with Nonnie until Sunday.

The end of the manuscript is on the horizon. I think I’m on schedule to have the first draft finished by the weekend so the lovely CPs can hack it up for me. I’m totally looking forward to that. LOL And then after I do some revisions, I’ll get to pop my first deadline cherry.

So, I’ll report in later, meanwhile, y’all tell me what’s been going on in your world? I feel a little lonely, with nobody but my pets to talk to. And I kinda think they’re getting a little bit tired of me working through vampire plot points with them…

is it really too hot?

Last week, I went to the lake with my parents. I tried to get my brother to bring his kids, but he said it was “too hot to go.”

That puzzled me, but then, my brother and I don’t think the same way so I just chalked it up to Michael being Michael.

We get there Friday around noon. I say, “Let’s eat lunch then head to the harbor.”

My parents both say, “It’s too hot to get on the lake.”


We’re at THE LAKE. It’s a big body of water in which you dive into if you get too hot. We drive around on a boat that has a covered section and the wind hits us in the face. Since when did it become too hot to get on the lake?

After school yesterday, the kids ate their snack and did their homework. Rader asked his grandmother if he could go jump on the trampoline. I didn’t hear this or I would’ve said, “Sure, go. Have fun. Take some water…”

Nonnie said, “No. It’s too hot.”

He’s a kid! Sure it’s hot…but he’s a KID! They need to be outside! What the hell?

It was never “too hot” for us to be outside. Never. We would go tent camping for two weeks at a time in late July or early August. In 1980 we had 41 days over 100 degrees and 103 days of 90 degree weather. I played softball almost every day that summer. I was 11 years old. We just ate oranges and drank LOTS of water. My parents never once stopped letting me play outside or stopped me from playing softball because it was “too hot”. When did things change?

What do you think? I know it’s hot…but is it too hot to let the kids outside in the evening? Is it too hot to go to the lake? Is it EVER too hot to go to the lake? Really?