Yeah. It’s a stormy Thursday and all I wanna do is stay in bed.

Thankfully yesterday was gorgeous and I got to hang by the pool for a couple of hours with my friends. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Okay and let me just tell you, I don’t know when my hair went from a small showing of roots to OH MY DAMN I HAVE ROOTS THAT NEEDED TO BE COLORED 3 WEEKS AGO! Calling Katie-of-the-Hair today.

Did I mention how excited I am about going to see Harry Potter this summer?

I’m also Ogrely excited about the new Shrek movie coming out this weekend.

Clementine the new kitty is no longer pregnant and there are no kittens to be found. I’m sure she was so malnourished when she found us, the babies died. Sad really…but it’s time to get her fixed. Which might put an end to her good mood, but I really don’t care.

Also, I wanna know who on earth is googling Monkey MILF and what exactly you think that is? Do monkey’s have MILFs in their society? Would it be a MMILF? Monkey Mom I’d Like to ….

Alrighty then. That’s about all I got for ya today. Sorry to be so boring, but sometimes a girl just doesn’t have anything to say. No really. It’s true.

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