2013: Month of Mel Days 16-25

I took a blogging break for my birthday month. Sometimes a girl just needs a little downtime. So…let me catch you up.

My TreeFrog turned 19 on the 16th. We had Japanese food and pedicures to celebrate.

Rader went for Catholic High colors. Ian chose to be Emo Nemo with black toes and I really wanted a touch of spring, so I chose the lovely blue.

Last week, my friend Lynne did my lashes for me. And now my eyes POP.

It’s amazing how different having long lashes can make your eyes look. My natural lashes are thin, straight, short and blond. (sounds like my first boyfriend!) Curling and mascara don’t really help much.

I’m totes digging the lashes. I’m bangin’ hot now. (not that I wasn’t before. but whatever.)

It seems that Mother Nature decided that since I bought a convertible AND got my toes did, that she needed to punish me for wishful thinking. Spring has not sprung. I need some warm weather, stat. I need some sun on my skin, wind in my hair, and quality time on a boat. Sooner rather than later.

Hope you guys had a good week and weren’t too bored without me. I know, I miss y’all, too.

Hey Mom…

“For your birthday, do you want to do another spa day…just me, you, and Rader?”

Best. Sons. Ever.

Speaking of birthdays, Rader turns 15 on Wednesday.

Yes, This Child…


How lucky am I to be the mother of such a fantastic kid? (who will be driving soon? ACK!)

Pretty damn lucky.

I’ve done one thing right in my life, and it’s my two boys. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for a moment.

sing it Alice Cooper!


Well, sorta. School is definitely out for Ian, but Rader has 3 more days. We had his Convocation today…and I would like to proudly announce he received the Presidential Scholar Award for maintaining a 3.5 or higher GPA throughout 6th, 7th & 8th grades. this is the only pic I could get that was worth a damn.

Here we are after the ceremony.

All that hair is gonna be gone on Friday. Snipped, clipped and donated to Locks of Love. He’s thinking about going hardcore short…as in a buzz cut. My heart can’t take the thought of him not having any hair! But it’s his to grow and his to cut and not my place to tell him what he can and can’t do. Apparently he’s supposed to curl it for school tomorrow. His friends are really enjoying this last week of Hairmageddon.

Alrighty then. Tonight is guitar, then tomorrow is the beginning of a very long and awesome weekend. I can’t wait for Friday when I’m spending the day with my boys before spending the evening with my guy. I’ll have new nails, new toes and new hair…surely that means date night, right?

hello Wine Wednesday

I’m so happy to see you again.

Ian has prom next week and will be getting fitted for a tux tonight. OMG. My baby treefrog has prom. Now if I could just get him to drive…

Friday, I have pedi-time scheduled with Bell Bottoms. I’ve been checking out the spring/summer OPI colors and I’m having a hard time choosing. I hope CK Nails has the 2012 Holland colors…Here’s where I’m leaning:

 Kiss me on my Tulips
 Red Lights Up Ahead…Where?
A Roll in The Hague
Thanks a Windmillion
So…what do you think?

2011: Month of Mel Day 15 (The Day After…)

I (barely) survived the Day of Mel…did you?

We had the best time last night at SO. I’m seriously a very lucky girl to have so many wonderful people in my life.

Here are the only 2 pics that survived the night because somehow, some way I lost my camera. If anyone knows the whereabouts of said camera…please let me know!

I wore my new sexy leopard stilettos last night and didn’t break my ankle! YAY! I’ll post a pic tomorrow of them and my super glittery sexy toes. I went with the color: Catch Me in Your Net

Happy Day after the Day of Mel!

toes, rose, nose, blows, snows, hos…

I got nuttin’ of value for you today. But apparently I like to rhyme.

Let’s see if I can work all of the title into a blog:
I woke up feeling pretty darn great today. That’s always a bonus, especially since yesterday I felt pretty crappy all day. My nose was all stopped up yesterday so there was lots of blowin’ goin’ on.

The last two days I’ve woken to the smell of roses, which means I’m rising and shining with a happy smile. I highly recommend you try this at home–it’s pretty darn awesome.

I have spring fever so bad I can taste it. (or smell it… ) Thank goodness the snow is all gone. I’m about to call Lola the Toe Girl and schedule my post-winter pedicure. I’m trying to decide on my first color of the season. I’m really digging the OPI Texas Collection for 2011….And I’m torn between 3 lovers colors–feelin’ like a fool… Ooops, bad digression there. Sorry about the earworm I may have just given you…

What do you think?

I’m pretty drawn to Austin-tacious Turquois, Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?, and Guy Meets Gal-veston…

Decisions, decisions.

The post-winter pedicure is very important because it marks the beginning of my annual Feet & Leg pictures… And let’s face it, nobody wants to see crusty feet, nasty toes, or ashy legs when you’re posting pics of them on the internetwebz…

And finally, I have some much needed time with my girls tonight and tomorrow. (ie: the hos or is it hoes? It’s not ho’s….because even though my hos possess many awesome things, in this sentence it is plural and not possessive…) Well, I’m sticking with hos because even though we’ve all collected our share of tools over the years, none of us are actually a garden utensil.

There! I did it. I made my title match my blog. I am awesome. And I rhymed. I could probably continue, but I think I’ll just let it go(es)…

hello weekend. my how I’ve missed you.

Weekend plans = cleaning, rearranging some furniture, watching a movie or two, and hanging out with Birdrunner by her pool…there will possibly be some Beer-Rita consumption going on…possibly.

I’ve been missing Birdrunner. She’s accused me of moving to Saline county and abandoning her. This is completely untrue. It’s just that I’ve switched where I get my pedicures and I haven’t been able to go with her in a while. BUT I’m thinking maybe I can convince her to come along with me next time and meet Lola the Toe Girl. She’s pretty amazing.

The boys are going to the lake on Saturday with their daddy and some other friends. It sounds like a good time will be had by all. I am seriously looking forward to some down time. I’ve been going nonstop for 3 or more weeks, and it’s time for a break.

Plus, I’ve been plotting my new books and now it’s time to start tweaking the synopsis and writing! I’m actually eager to start writing…but it’s a super sekrit story. I will say it involves a mean step mother, lizards, faeiries and a parallel universe… oh and there’s royalty and a sorceror and some speedy guardian turtles. Or maybe I’m making all that up. OH wait! That’s what I do! Make stuff up!

Stay tuned!

Okay, here’s this week’s random iPhone picture. I figure it’s appropriate since I’ll be at the pool tommorrow!

Pow! Bam! Wammo! and check out the Pink Camo!

Thank you, Kitteh for sending this link. Best. Pug. Ever. (Next to Ruby, of course)

In other news…wanna take a sneak peek of LOVE SUCKS!? Go here. It comes out next Tuesday, yanno…

And it more fun news…Lola did my toes yesterday (sing with me! Her name was Lola, she was a toe girl…) Check out my Pink Camo Toes (NOT to be confused with Pink Camel Toe….ewwww gross)

And finally, yesterday was No-Wine Wednesday…(orange vodka–fewer calories) and we celebrated one of our favorite waiter’s (Trey) Birthday–with a limerick.

There once was a waiter named Trey
Who celebrated his 13th 26th birthday
He wanted a gift
But became quite miffed
When all the girls gave him was word play.

the 1st of 2010…

Today, my friend Birdrunner and I will recommence our very cherished bi-monthly pedicure tradition.

And I can’t wait. My toes have been neglected through these cold, winter months. And nothing says I’m ready for spring like pretty, painted toes. So bring on the sun bitches. I’m ready for spring!

I love picking my toe colors. Sometimes I go with name, sometimes I just know I want a certain color and have to find just the right one. Sometimes I let my Facebook friends pick my color for me.

While we were discussing my first 2010 toe color on FB the other day, I realized I have NEVER had red toes.




So if my salon has the new Alice in Wonderland colors…I believe I’m going to be wearing OFF WITH HER RED.

Happy 4th of July

Hope you guys have big fun planned. I’ll be at Birdrunner’s with the boys, hanging out with Stinkydog and the newest (human) addition to her litter. Can’t wait.

Today I have a hair appointment and a pedicure planned. Haven’t decided on the toe color yet. Am thinking something funky and fun. Maybe a Red/White/Blue combo.

Maybe I’ll just do purple.

Or red. Bright, bright red.

I dunno. I really liked my Lizard Green toes and got loads of compliments on them. But it’s time to change things up.


To my American friends, happy holiday.

To my Canadian friends, happy belated Canada day.

Party on, Wayne.