updates of the this and that variety

Hey Don’t Judge Me business:

  • My Bachelor Recap is live (or as I like to call it, How to Be a Proper Ho)
  • Stoney’s Glee, Hoarders, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recaps are up (SouthLAnd to come later today)
  • Other recaps you should be reading: Merlin, Spartacus, Top Chef; Texas and many, many more!
  • If you are checking out Hey Don’t Judge Me and reading the content, please take a moment to “Like” us or Google 1+ us, etc. It helps.
  • And finally, we are now offering advertising on the site. My friend Maria Geraci just purchased an ad (for her upcoming 4th novel A Girl Like You), and you can, too! (not for her book, obviously, though that is very nice of you to offer) We have very cheap introductory rates for the next two months, so if you want in on advertising to 600K hits a month….contact Laura at heydontjudgeme[at]gmail[dot]com. 


  • Things and stuff are a happening this week, so I’ll probably not be around much
  • Head to Toe by Lisa, Lisa and Cult Jam came on the radio this morning and I’ve been dancing like a white girl ever since.
  • I suddenly want to wear blue eye shadow and tease my bangs. Has anyone seen my Spuds MacKenzie shirt?
  • If you ever really want a single Margarita, but don’t feel like making it yourself or sitting in a restaurant…(aka, getting out of your stretchy pants) I highly recommend the Daily’s Frozen Pouches. Both Pomegranate and Lime are tasty. If you prefer on the rocks style, then you can’t go wrong with Mike’s
  • Today is Wednesday which is my longest day of the week. But it should be a good one, and that makes me happy.
  • The daffodils are confused because it has been such a warm January. They are popping up all over the place and the Crocus have even started to bloom. They want it to be spring already. So do I…

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