The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Yeah, I missed you too, but not enough to pull out my computer and let you know. Sorry about that. It’s been a very hectic 10 days and I’ve been exhausted. I was on some awesome pain meds for a few days that probably would have made for some fantastic blogs, but luckily for me, they also made me too tired to try. So I’ve been spared the humiliation of Drugged Blogging and sadly, you’ve been denied the awesome it could have been. Maybe next time.

I did finally get The Bachelor Episode 6 (last week’s episode) recap up Monday and Episode 7 was posted last night, so if you haven’t already, please go read the crazy.

What’s been going on? Well mostly sleeping. I did get out for a margarita last Thursday which was fun, I went Disco Diva Shopping with Robyn for an exclusive (are you on the list?) Studio 54 event coming up in March, it snowed for about 2 hours on Monday and was really pretty until it turned to rain, Rader took the entrance exam at Catholic High, we went to see Safe House which was action packed and awesome, but sadly Ryan Reynolds wore a shirt, and El Jefe and I enjoyed a lovely steak dinner for Valentine’s day. Look at my pretty roses and orchid:

I’m settling back into a groove, and I hope to get back to more regular blogging…because we have the Month of Mel coming up in just two weeks! Are y’all ready?

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