weekend update


there was much last minute shopping, running around, some pork nachos and exhaustion. The kids had a great time and they looked gorgeous. So fun.
Sunday was a whirlwind of tux returns, grocery shopping, John Deere driving, and waiting for some bad weather that never showed. I would call this weekend a success.

hairs day! prom! friends! wine! opossum!

Today I get my hairs did. Which is good, because my Go-Go Red needs to be punched up a bit.

We pick up Ian’s tux this afternoon. Prom. ❤

I had a great night with an old friend last night. Well, “old” as in lifelong…We hadn’t seen each other in a decade. It was amazing catching up with her. We will not wait so long to hang out again.

Another awesome thing about last night? She introduced me to a wonderful new wine. And you know I always love new wine. Especially when it’s in a bottle!! (Unless it is that crappy white zinfadel. That belongs in the toilet.)

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay. ZOMG. My taste buds and liver were so damn happy.

ION (of the weird variety) There was a possum in our backyard this morning. (or as one of my high school teachers would say: Miss McKenzie, that would be opossum. there is no such animal as a “possum”) Frieda Mae actually picked it up and carried it around like  puppy. I’M NOT KIDDING, PEOPLE! Picked. It. Up. Then it played dead. It was very committed to its role as dead possum. El Jefe scooped it up with a shovel and dust pan and placed it on the other side of the fence…where it continued to play dead.

Welcome to Arkansas.

If it’s still there when I get home, I’m going to name it Fred Finkle.

lady in goooooold

Thank you, Colleen Gleason, for being the reason I can’t get that awful Chris de Burgh song out of my head.

I went to prom with a good friend. We tried dating once, but it just didn’t work. No chemistry. But we remained really good friends and I would hang out with him a lot.

There was a boy I really wanted to go to prom with, but by the time I worked up the nerve to ask him, he was already going with someone else. SC asked me the next day and I said okay. We were going with a group of friends so I knew it would be fun.

I don’t remember who drove, but I know it wasn’t SC, because we sat together in the backseat. That Lady in Red song came on the radio and SC pulled me close to him and started singing in my ear…only he changed the lyrics to match my dress.

“Lady in gooooooooooold, is dancing with me, cheek-to-cheek”


You know, I give SC credit for a well-intended move. But it backfired, big time. I had no romantic feelings for SC at all, but it was evident he wanted to test the boundaries of our friendship that night by ‘wooing’ me. (okay, wooing is just the most awful word. But seducing certainly doesn’t work here. We were in high school and there was no seducing going on in my world, let me tell ya. so wooing it is)

Anyway, Colleen posted about the top 10 songs she never wants to hear again…and Lady in Red was on her list. Yes, this is a good thing. However, I haven’t been able to get that song out of my head since yesterday, and now I’m thinking I need to pay Colleen a visit so I can smack her around.

Yes, I’m wearing black-lace, fingerless gloves. Yes, my dress is a gold bubble. Yes, my hair is poofy and I’m wearing tons of make up. You should’ve seen my shoes though. They were HOT.

It’s okay to admit that you miss the 80s. And for those of you too young to remember, it’s okay to wish you could’ve been a teenager then. (I still have those gloves…)

You know what would’ve made this even better? If I’d had my awesome Prelude back then…

Of course, that would also have been impossible since my awesome prelude is a 1990 model and I went to prom in 1987…but whatever.