rollin’ like a boss

El Jefe has a new ride. Well, it’s a “new to him” ride and she’s a beauty. 1985 Mercedes 300D Turbo Diesel. Trust me, he’s rollin’ like a boss in this baby.

She needs some TLC that’s for sure, but her interior is almost impeccable. This will be a fun car to restore. I’m going to make him wear a driver’s hat while I sit in the backseat and sip my cocktail. Drive on, James. (why are the drivers always named James?)

While we were in Hot Springs picking up his new girlfriend car, we decided to stop in for a beverage at The Ohio Club: The oldest bar in Arkansas. I’m pretty sure I sat next to Al Capone…or was sitting on Mae West’s lap…It’s a great old bar and we’ll have to go back again.

Jefe tried a new monk-made beer: St. Berarndus

And I tried what was touted as the “Best Beer in the World.” It was yummy, but I’m not sure it was the best…

We did loads of yard work on Saturday, I planted tons of seeds that will hopefully turn into a giant bed of color here in a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

How was your weekend?

music, music

Okay, so my friend sent me 3 million 46 Bruce Springsteen songs and I’ve listened to them all and can honestly say, I really love most of what I heard. (But don’t tell him that, because he was being mean to me and I’m pouting now and will not admit to him that I like any of the songs because he should be punished) There are several songs that will become instant ‘replay’ songs for me. (If I actually liked them, which I don’t.) There are very few songs that he sent that I didn’t like. (I didn’t like any of them. I mean it. For real.)Actually most I really liked…loved even. (that’s a lie. A total fabrication.) Some of them I really got. Like with chill bumps and throat lumps and heart thumps. (again, I’m lying. Don’t know where that came from at all. Obviously, I do write fiction, because I’m making all that up.)

I love discovering new music that I totally get. Especially unexpected music. I never imagined I would ever respond to Bruce Springsteen that way. (which I didn’t) Ever. So it was a nice surprise that I felt a physical reaction to some of his songs. (physical as in stomach pain? that must be what I mean.)

Still…nothing gets me like Staind. And I had been wanting the new Staind CD for months…so I finally ordered it as my first reward CD for losing weight.

Holy shit I love this CD. Honestly, it amazes me how this band can put words to music and just affect me the way they do. Heart racing, eyes tearing, breath catching…all of it. I love this CD. I love it with a thousand ♥. I can honestly say this is my favorite band ever. Now I must see them live. I already loved 2 songs from this CD, Believe and All I Want…and now, even though I love the whole CD, there’s another song that will rival Please and It’s Been Awhile from their older stuff…Tangled Up In You. Wow. I totally love this song. Makes my heart hurt a little.

Am I the only one who is affected by music this way?

Here’s the song…just listen, the video is just the album cover, so you don’t really have to watch. Just listen. Seriously, I ♥ this song. I ♥ Staind. And I ♥ Bruce Springsteen. (I’m lying) Who knew I had it in me?

I’m also at Fictionistas today talking about people who deserve to be tasered on the spot. Stop by!

Oh, and I went to the gym at 5:00 AM this morning. Yes, it’s true. I really did.

gabrielle loves me

She even dedicated a whole blog to me. Well, to me and The Boss. And the Traveling Wilburys. But mostly to me, because that’s the way I choose to see it. I like looking at things through Mel colored glasses. Everyone should get a pair.

Go see what she’s saying. Who knew me receiving the testimony that is Bruce Springsteen would evoke such passion? I’ve apparently been missing out. I ♥ my friends.

music to my ears

It used to be that I hated mornings. It was physically painful to open an eye and pull off the covers. Just five more minutes was my mantra. Sometimes, if I had to pee bad enough, I’d run to the bathroom, take care of business and jump back into bed.

I’ve discovered lately that this is my favorite time of the day. It’s hauntingly quiet, which is very unusual for this house–and a very welcome sound. Lately I’ve been rolling out of bed somewhere between 4 AM and 6 AM. And sure, I struggle at first to wake up, but once I do, Sally bar the door. (Okay, does anyone know who this Sally person is and why she was picked to bar the door in that cliche? Just curious)

After coffee is ready, I’ll sit down to blog. Pop onto Facebook and Twitter. Check email. Check my overnight stats (there are some naughty googlers out there late at night. And loads of people looking to become a MILF. That’s my goal. Y’all need to just stay away. There’s only room for one future MILF in the blogosphere, and that bitch is me. Just sayin’.) Anyway, I take care of the incidentals before I start working. I plug in my headphones, pick out the music for the day, or for the moment, or for the scene and get going.

Speaking of music, I received 3 CDs in the mail yesterday. I have a friend who is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and I’ve honestly never cared one way or another for the Boss. There were a couple of songs of his that I always liked, but he was never an artist that I followed. Well, I suppose that must’ve been blasphemous to the Boss Addict so he sent me 3 CDs with 46 songs on them. (that’s a lot of songs btw. And he says he has 250! Holy Crapoly! THAT’s a lot of songs by one artist.)

I listened all day as I wrote. There were a couple of songs that really grabbed me. That were very powerful. Some that left me feeling very sad. Some that were just okay. But over all, the CDs were a big Win in my book. Except for the song That. Would. Not. End. 16 minutes was just a little much for me. (Sorry, A. Just too much for my busy little brain.)It was a live performance and Springsteen did a little preaching to the audience. Sure it was about Sexual Healing and possibly even a Naughty River, but let me tell ya, it still felt like a tent revival. But the first 5 minutes of the song was good. You know, the part where he was actually singing? Yeah, I liked that part.

Today, I’m going to have another listen to the songs I really liked. (I do that. I’m totally a Repeat Offender. I have no trouble listening to 1 song for hours. I know, you want to shoot me. Sorry.) There are a couple I think will fit nicely into my LOVE SUCKS! playlist. Which is good, since today is all about the writing.

Happy Saturday! You got plans?

Today’s card from the Universe