feelin’ SASSY!

I’m talking about motivation, failure and success at FCR today. Go forth and read.

I thought I was going to gnaw my arm off yesterday afternoon around 4:30. I’ve been eating a ton of protein, but I guess my activity increase has motivated my metabolism to jump into gear, (this is a good thing) and by yesterday afternoon, I could’ve chased down a wildebeest and eaten it live in 4.5 seconds.

Instead, I went home and hurriedly put together a very high protein wrap and drank some roasted dandelion tea.  And I was full for the rest of the night.

And I woke this morning, full sass and sparkle. I hope you guys are wearing your shades, because I’m shining bright!

So rapid topic change…some of you folks need to stop taking FB so damn seriously. For REALZ. First off, if you have to qualify every freakin’ post on your own page with something like “Don’t be a hater, but…” or “This is MY opinion only, don’t hate…” then probably, you’re wrapping your ‘opinion’ in a bundle of judgement. And that’s okay, it’s your page, but if you’re not comfortable with the response you are going to get, then probably you should rethink your post.  Either own your feelings or bury them on the inside. Stop getting so defensive. (Probably, you wouldn’t be so defensive if you didn’t have some passive-aggressive alternate point to your post anyway.)

Just know, if you’re always posting life drama or hating on someone or ‘qualifying’ all your ‘controversial’ opinions…I’m hiding you from my news feed. I don’t need the negativity. I’ve spent months ridding myself of it…and since I find FB to be a place to be playful and fun, your constant pettiness and vitriol is not for me. You’re welcome to continue to drown yourself in it–it’s your page after all. I just choose to smile and click “hide from news feed.”

And this…is how I choose to live. It’s amazing how great I feel now that I’ve changed my attitude. It was a lot of work (and still is) but it was totally worth it.

Happy Tuesday! I hit the gym at lunch, am walking after work, then I’m getting my lashes refilled. Tomorrow is supposed to be hella stormy, and seriously, I’m kind of excited about it. I love a good spring thunderstorm…as long as nobody is hurt.

Stay sassy and carry on, bitches!

5 thoughts on “feelin’ SASSY!

  1. You know I just pass by the ones who post knowingly inflammatory opinions on FB. I think they want a reaction otherwise they wouldnt post their crap. The people who irritate me are the passive aggressive posters. The ones I like to call "vaguebookers". They say something that sounds innocent enough, but there is always someone it is aimed at OR they say stuff like "will it ever end?" wanting people to say "whats wrong?" then they say something stupid like "I cant talk about it" UM you just posted about it on FB idiot. I too am feeling sassy today. Shall I get wine on my way home?


  2. Yes. Vaguebookers. *rolling eyes* I do get a kick out of the people who work very hard to "prove to facebook" how happy they are. Because you know, Facebook is real life. HahahaNo wine for me. I'm alcohol free during the week for at least 11 more weeks…. It's a good thing I really like hot tea…


  3. UGH I need to be alcohol free during the week! I need motivation. You know though, the people working so hard to convince everyone of their fairy tale life??? Yea, at some point they have to lie down at night with the whole place quiet and its only them and their minds………….they know they are not truthful. Its sad really


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