t-minus 13

So the Little Rock Half-Marathon is in 13 days…and I’m a bit behind in my training thanks to the snow.

Birdrunner mentioned a program for the iPhone called Runkeeper so I downloaded the app and tried it out. It’s pretty nifty. You can turn on the verbal cues that will tell you your progress as you go. I have to say, it’s quite motivating because when my time was slowing down, I would pick up the pace and run.

Yeah. Me. Running. (stop laughing. Yes. Even you.) Okay, it’s more like “running” but still it’s a bit faster than “meandering.”

Today I did 6 miles in 1 hour and 22 minutes. Not gonna win any races at that pace and I’ll only be given nicknames like Speedracer or Speedy Gonzales ironically, but hey. Whatever. It works for me.

When the half is over, I’m gonna get a pedicure and possibly a massage. Because dammit, I will deserve both! 🙂
Go Team Melf!
In weekend news, it was obviously HEY LET’S WATCH CRAPPY MOVIES weekend, because damn did we not have any luck in the rental department. I didn’t find Dinner with Schmucks funny at all. I thought The Other Guys had its moments, and I did laugh out loud a few times, but overall, it wasn’t a winner. And if you want to watch an amazingly well acted movie that can only be described as painfully depressing, then please watch For Colored Girls. It was seriously one of the most depressing movies ever on earth. Probably even more depressing than The Road and that movie had cannibals in it. And also nobody bathed…
The only movie that was a success was The Social Network. It was well acted and enjoyable. I really like Jessie Eisenberg a lot. But if you wanna see a fantastic movie that he was in, check out Adventureland. It’s fantastic.
Hope you guys had a great weekend~

funky town

So I posted a pic of my hot new boots on FB yesterday, but I had to repost here because I’m still in love with them a lot.

Guess what? The sock monkey hat really compliments the boots. SASSY!

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, trying to figure my way out of it and not sure how to do it (except for shoe shopping…but then that sends my bank account into a funk.) I mean, I do the smiling, laughing, faking my way through the day crap and mostly I feel good but still the funk just hovers like a gray cloud. Not really a storm cloud, but it certainly isn’t full of sunshine and unicorns either.

And I realized last night that some of this is holiday hangover. It took a lot out of me this year. I had daydreamed all year long that somehow, some way this holiday season would be better than my last five or so, and even though it was in a lot of ways, it still wasn’t what I needed. (which is all my fault because I didn’t make it what I needed. I just allowed myself to survive. And frankly, that’s probably where some of this comes from. I don’t do well with just existing. I like to be an active participant…) So I’m still kinda recovering from that funktastic feeling.

Also, I haven’t exercised in 3 weeks, and trust me, that has a lot to do with my trip to Funky Town.

That’s changing today. I’m meeting Birdrunner at lunch and we’re gonna do the death march today. Which means I’ll be exhausted tonight, but that’s cool. I’ve gotta get back to walking an hour + a day…especially since I have a half marathon to do in a few weeks. And if we’re gonna have Team Melf gear, then Melf herself had better not be shaming the team!

don’t you just love bad ideas?

I totally love bad ideas, when they involve boys, booze and being bad. This half marathon thing? Not really my idea of a good time. I must have my IQ tested. I bet I’m barely functional.

Not sure how far Birdrunner and Lindy Lohan and I walked yesterday, but let me tell you…if Birdrunner ever tells you that there is only 1 hill on this trail, you can rest assured that is not true. (pictured: Me, Lindy, Robyn aka Birdrunner)

She called the other hills, “inclines.” Um yeah, since according to Merriam-Webster those two words are synonymous, I guess technically she was right.

Whatever. My ass hurt so bad this morning that when I tried to roll out of bed I yelped.

I know I’ll be thanking her in 3 months when I eventually crawl across the finish line of the half marathon, but right now–gratitude is the least of what I’m feeling.

Being a glutton for punishment, and obviously the type of person who enjoys pain, I’ve agreed to continue working out with her. I’ve never claimed to be smart. Only cute and witty. Thank goodness those two things have gotten me pretty far in life. Guess now I need to start working on my brains.

The good news is, if I don’t have any brainmeat, then I won’t be tempting to the Zombies when they take over the world.

This is only the beginning. I must warn you, as good as I feel when I’m exercising, I will still bitch about it like it’s my job. Because let’s face it, it sucks to wake up and be sore. And it sucks to get half-way through a walk/run and not want to go any further. And frankly, it sucks to cut the cheese dip out of my diet.

I mean, CHEESE DIP! It’s like my Kryponite.

Team Melf…

I did it. I took the plunge. I bit the bullet. I *insert various other cliches*… I am out of my damn mind…

But I don’t care. I now have a goal and I’m gonna meet it.

What did I do? I signed up for the Little Rock 1/2 Marathon.

Yeah, we won’t even discuss how I haven’t run or walked much in the past 6 months. The less I think about that the better off I am… Sometimes denial can be a good thing.

If you’ll recall, I ran my very first 5K 2 years ago on my 40th birthday. I had never run a full race of any kind. Now I had walked them…but I wanted to run all the way. (not that you would mistake my ‘run’ a real run. because it isn’t. I really do think I walk faster than I run. LOL) And so, I did it. I met my goal and ran the whole race.

It seems I’ve roped a couple of other chicas in with me. Birdrunner and Lindy Lohan have both signed up as well. My friend Carbkiller (from FatChicksRunning.com where I rarely blog anymore because I’m lame) is coming in from Cali for the full! And rumor has it, El Jefe is thinking of doing the half as well. What’s this? The madness is spreading like a Zombie Virus! (speaking of zombies…OMG THE WALKING DEAD IS TEH AWESOME AND I CAN’T WAIT TO CATCH UP THIS WEEKEND!)
I’m not going to fool myself into thinking I’ll run the whole way. Hell, I may not run at all. It is 13.1 miles and I only have 3 months to prepare for it. But the thing is, I have a goal now. And I’m motivated and excited and ready to get back off my ass.

Who knows. Maybe one day I’ll actually attempt a full marathon like CK…or maybe I’ll just be happy to have completed the half and move on.