Grey’s Anatomy: The Musical Event

I wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t going to watch the singing cheesefest that Grey’s was calling their Musical Event.

But I did. And dammit, I cried. (I blame the lack of sun.)

Sure it had it’s moments of cheese and some of the singing was reminiscent of Pierce Brosnan’s singing in Mamma Mia, BUT, I kinda loved it. (Just as I kinda loved Pierce’s really bad singing… I did. I can’t help it. He’s Pierce Brosnan, dammit! )

The show was emotional, and the music (except for one song, IMO) really was a complement. I was sucked in. I’m a sucker. Sucker McSuckerPants. And I’m buying this song on iTunes today. Because damn. I love it.

Happy Friday y’all. I’m looking forward to seeing El Jefe this afternoon…and I’m really looking forward to seeing the sun. Because the weathermen PROMISED it would come out today and not go away all weekend.

It better. Or I’m gonna be hunting down some weather dudes. You guys have been warned…

The Bachelorette: because Mags wants to know…

My thoughts on the Bachelorette:

Okay, y’all know I make fun of this show mercilessly. Last season’s show with Jake the Fake and Vienna Sausage was like the train wreck of awesome served with the bottomless bottle of Kim Cattral Crawford wine. And calorie free lemon tarts. I mean– it don’t get more awesome than that.

Ali Cat’s season was a little different, mainly because it was so totally producer driven that it became difficult to watch. I know this isn’t ‘reality’ tv no matter how hard they try to tell us it is, BUT when the drama is created in order to keep people watching because the show is so damn boring otherwise, well, it makes it no fun to watch.

And that’s kinda what happened with Ali Cat’s season. They created the ‘Rated R’ drama. They created the ‘Kasey’ drama (how much you wanna bet they paid for that tattoo?) They knew Frank wanted out but made him stay til his leaving would be more dramatic. This was probably the most UNreal Bachelorette ever. And it showed. (Though I’m gonna give Frank his props for his acting. Well done, Sir. I believe you need to forget your screenwriting career and start auditioning for film or tv.)

I think the producers knew from the beginning that Ali was gonna choose Roberto and they wanted to distract everyone from that. They edited the hell out of their time together. (Side note: poor sweaty Roberto! Someone give that man a towel!) They tried to give Chris L’s edit more oomph with the mother thing…(which damn they over did) and they really wanted us to believe she and Frank were gonna be happy 4-evah so that we’d be devastated when he left. But honestly, who’s devastated over this show anymore?

I loved Chris L. but there was no way she was gonna choose him. I have to say, I really respected the way Ali Cat dumped Chris. She didn’t allow him to come to the final rose ceremony because honestly, that’s just mean to humilate a dude that way. “Will you marry me?” Uh no. I love the other guy more. But you’re awesome. Thanks for playing. (this is when the producers hide all sharp objects)

The proposal was adorable. It was obvious they have very strong chemistry and are very excited about each other. Will it last? Bah! Maybe. They have a better chance than Jake the Fake and Vienna Sausage did, that’s for sure. Do I care if they make it? Nope. But the romantic in me kinda hopes they do, cuz I’m a sap like that. Maybe love can conquer all…even unreality tv.

for the love of frost bite and peat moss…SIMMER! SIMMER!

Mrs. Munger’s Class always makes me giggle like a school girl…. these are all about a minute or so long. Totally worth watching…

“Simmer! Simmer!”

Spelling Bee:

Oral Reports:

Mahoot’s Cousin:

Field Trip:

Watch more here

Happy Hump-Day. Or Wine Wednesday. Or no-Wine Wednesday. Or whatever you decide to celebrate today.


a mel-o-jumble

Okay, random stuff day.

First off, go see Despicable Me. Seriously. Wonderful movie. Heartwarming. Funny. Fabulous.

Secondly, The Bachelorette is off the deep end. Balls to the walls full of BS and craziness. If you think that show is really “reality” tv, then I want whatever it is your smokin’. Or drinkin’. Or poppin’. Because there is nothing real about that show.

It’s not even fun to make fun of anymore. Bleh.

However, the BACHELOR PAD looks like it’s made of chocolate covered awesome and is dying for me to slice it with my biting wit.

LIE TO ME is one of the greatest shows on earth and nobody should miss it. Yes, it comes on during the first hour of the Bachelorette, but trust me when I tell you, it’s worth watching. I actually think it’s more real than the reality show…

I cleaned my room this weekend. Scary stuff was found in some of the unpacked boxes. Like pictures of me from elementary, middle and high schools. Also some college pics in the late 80s when I had short permed hair and GINORMOUS FREAKING BLUE GLASSES. I don’t even know if I can scan them to show them, THAT’S HOW BAD THEY ARE.

Clementine is pregnant. That little teenaged Tart. She’s not even a year old, and I have no idea where the Tom is hiding because we have 6 acres and I’ve not seen hide nor hair of the horny bastard, but it’s happened. We’re gonna have kittens. So you guys get ready…because depending on how many are born and how many survive…I’m gonna hit you up internets! I’m too young to be a Kitteh Grandma! Would that be GrandKittehMa?

Here’s a pic of the little ho-bag in a box. Because you know cats and empty boxes…

PeeWee’s Playhouse

Do you know how much I loved this show?

And look! Laurence Fishburne was Cowboy Curtis!!

This show was so funny and still holds its own today. Also it’s a lot more adult that people realize, which makes it even more awesome now that I totally ‘get it.’

Check this out. Dolly Parton was awesome on the show. And wow, look at how hot she is in that Kitty-Cat dress!

I love Pee Wee. If anyone out there wants to buy me all the seasons of his show on DVD, I wouldn’t turn it away… hee!

the BOOB tube


I said BOOB.

I no longer have cable tv or a dvr. Surprisingly enough, my world hasn’t imploded, locusts haven’t shrouded my home, and hell (as far as I know) still hasn’t frozen over. But it’s still early, so it may be too soon to tell…

I’m having to be creative about catching up with shows I love like Drop Dead Diva, Burn Notice, and of course TRUE FREAKING BLOOD… (oh Eric, how I’ve missed you) Thankfully, you can watch full episodes on the internet–oh, wait. I don’t have internet either. But, I have friends who do, so I’m pretty much set up.

I do have regular TV (you know, the basic channels with an antenna. Yeah, I’m hip like that. Goin’ old sk00l and keepin’ it real, yo.) So I can still watch some of my favorites like the stupid Bachelorette (Maria, I may never forgive you for making me watch this train wreck) LIE TO ME (which comes on at same time as stupid Bachelorette so I end up flipping channels at commercial) Survivor will be back soon. And there’s this new show with Bradley Whitford & Colin Hanks which is just fun as hell.

Yes. I have a problem with the boobs tube.

The Bachelorette is still boring the crap outta me. (why do I keep watching???) Read Maria’s run down if you want a good idea of what happened last night. It’s redonkulous. I can’t even do my Mystery Bachelorette Theater on facebook anymore because it’s so damn boring. Suffice it to say, the top 2 are obvious, the top 4 pretty easy to pick and between the top 2…one of them will be the next Bachelor more than likely.

I did watch the season 3 premier of True Blood and was thrilled to see my characters back, but was left a little confused. I’m gonna watch it again this week and see if I can unmuddle some of the muck. Drop Dead Diva is such a fun show that everyone should be watching. If you’re not watching, you need your head examined.

Okay, guess that sums up my boob tube problem. Those boobs–they’ll get you every time!

carry on

Not really in a good place today, so no fun blog for you. I will tell you I watched the Bachelorette: Douchebaggery of Love last night and am quite excited about this season’s craptastic potential.

Here’s one of my favorite moments from last night’s show…

if the video doesn’t play, it’s the “Serenade” online. Of course, they cut out the part where he sang “I can throw a football better than Jake.” Cracked me up.

still LOST and pretty unsatisfied




We went through all that for nothing? Are you freaking kidding me?

I’m sorry, but this just wreaks a little of the Bobby Ewing/Dallas it was all just a dream cop out from the 80s. This show was sooooo much better than a cop out. I’m truly disappointed in the way they chose to end it.

It was awesome seeing everyone together again but it left me wondering when did they all die? Did anything really happen on the island? Was that truly “LIMBO” and everyone had to find their own redemption before they could move on?

WTF ever. I HATED that ending.

I’ll tell you when the ending show lost me…the moment Island Kate told Island Jack she loved him and they had their moment. It was total bunk. They never belonged together, never had real on screen passion or spark. It just felt like the writers wanted them to couple up because everyone else was. COP OUT. I’ll admit I was always team Kate & Sawyer UNTIL there was team Sawyer & Juliet. I loved them together and their parallel moment at the vending machine was amazing. Parallel Kate’s & Jack’s moment seemed as forced as island Kate & Jack. I just didn’t buy it.

I feel like we’ve been duped. That’s just crap. All the stuff they went through only to be dead? No sorry, buddy. I don’t think so. You guys can Suck It.

Yes, the ending with Jack dying on the island was a great bookend to the beginning with Jack waking on the island. And there was some beautiful imagery and dialogue. I loved when Shannon and Sayid found each other again. Hated her…loved them together. I loved, loved, loved Benjamin Linus and his flawed but wonderfully redeemed character. His story really was the most heart wrenching in so many ways.

I loved Richard’s 1st gray hair and Hurley’s heroics and just plain awesomeness. There was a lot to like about the episode. But the overall ending? CHEESETASTIC AND GIMMICKY. Way to ruin a great show by taking the easy way out.

They’re dead. That is all.


All that for nothing. Nobody wants to root for dead people! We want happily ever after…not happily ever afterlife! Or at least, that’s what I wanted. I wanted to know that everything they went through was so they could enjoy a LIFE together in the here and now….then they can move on to the there and later.

Unsatisified overall but happy to see all the couples (except for 1) together. Nice try, LOST dudes. I give the ending episode a B overall and a C- for the cop out. It would’ve been a D but I did cry several times, so you get the emotional points for that.

What did y’all think? Am I alone in still being a little LOST?

TV wrap ups

I will NOT be availabe via phone, texting, email, or in person on Sunday from 6pm CST – 10:30pm CST. I will be lost in LOST and probably crying like a big damn baby. You can judge me all you want. I’m good with that. I ♥ this show in a way that is not holy. I am going to be mourning the loss of my favorite characters, my favorite stories, my favorite Tuesday night event (aside from Trivia night…thank the TV gods for DVR). I am sooooo sad it’s going away, even though I know it’s time.

Next week, we can discuss it until the horse is dead. And then we can discuss it some more. All I can say at this point, I love me some Desmond, Sawyer, & Hurley. Okay, I seriously am in love with Hurley. ALL-CAPS Kristal tells me all the time that I’m a chubby chaser…and I guess I just proved her right. I’m okay with that.

Okay, I’ll admit that since Grey’s falls on a Thursday night, I don’t watch it very much anymore. Thursday (as you know) is my standard GNO…now sometimes I would record it, sometimes I wouldn’t. I’m pretty sure I haven’t really seen a whole episode in about 5 weeks…but last night was the season finale and I didn’t feel like going out, so I decided to pile up on my couch with my pug and watch it.

It didn’t take me long to catch up…it’s kinda like watching daytime television. You can miss 2 years of AMC and watch 1 episode and be up to speed in no time. But lemme tell you about last night…I needed some blood pressure medication to watch that show. I seriously thought I might have a heart attack or a stroke before it was over.

They had a warning before the show started about violent images. OH. EM. GEE. Yes, it was violent, but the thing that killed me the most was the freaking horror film creepy ‘music’ in the background. Every time I heard it, my heart rate jumped about 150 beats per minute.

I cried like a leaky faucet. At one point I even yelled “NO!” at the TV. (You know it’s a good show if it makes a fairly sane person act crazy.)

Somehow I managed to sleep last night, but I had to watch something funny to help me wind down. Thankfully EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS and THE BERNIE MAC SHOW come on from 10-11. Those two shows crack me up every time.

Did you watch? What did you think? And are you going to be glued to the TV on Sunday like me??