Hey Mom…

“For your birthday, do you want to do another spa day…just me, you, and Rader?”

Best. Sons. Ever.

Speaking of birthdays, Rader turns 15 on Wednesday.

Yes, This Child…


How lucky am I to be the mother of such a fantastic kid? (who will be driving soon? ACK!)

Pretty damn lucky.

I’ve done one thing right in my life, and it’s my two boys. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for a moment.

good grief!

Just when I thought I was feeling better, Lucy would pull the football out from under me again.

Damn you, Lucy!

But, after a weekend of only working 3.5 hours each day and sleeping damn near the rest of the time…I can finally say, I feel better.

Sparkly, even!

Thank goodness. Because last week was the most unfun I’ve had in a long time and I hope we do not have a repeat anytime soon…

January…what a bleh month. We’re getting some freezing rain today, possibly some snow. Probably not gonna be anything like what we had over the holidays, but still…I don’t like being at work when the stuff starts falling. Let’s hope it just blows on through.

It was 75 degrees on Saturday…and it’s 25 degrees right now. Arkansas! There is nothing predictable about our weather!

Oaklawn opened Friday…and for the first time in forever, I wasn’t there. So sad. The girls will be planning a day soon, and I can’t wait. I do love my days at the races with my crew.

Speaking of my crew…damn I miss everyone. What a weird past couple of months I’ve had. I’m working on weekends now, so I’m exhausted by the time I finish with work and can’t make it to the PartyHood. I haven’t made it to Girl’s Night Out since early November, and that feels weird. Jefe and I haven’t been able to go out in forever either…I’m kind of ready to get back to the social aspect of my life…when I can fit it in, that is.

Rader’s birthday is at the end of this month, and he sent his father an I an email with his wishlist. His note said :

I included price, html, and name of item(s). You’re Welcome. Fishdog and I were joking this morning that this was the equivalent to our days of marking pages and items in the Sears Catalog. (which is how I got my awesome Barbie Country Camper, back in the day.)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that your week is starting off with a sparkle!

Weekly recap

Hey gang. Sorry I bailed on ya this week. I needed a respite. I’ve been busy planning an awesome birthday celebration for El Jefe. Which was yesterday. Which included a video montage of happy birthday messages from several of his out-of-state friends, a message from the boys…where they killed a hooker and she turned into a zombie and then they died. A message from da Godfodda and Laura, and finally my message…where I made him a bacon sandwich.

And he woke up yesterday, and there was a bacon sandwich waiting for him. With a light saber candle…

I also made a Bacon Apple Pie which was delicious, but I have figured out how to improve it and will remake it and when it is perfected, I will post pics and a recipe.

Here’s a picture of last night’s pie:

We had a great time with our friends. It was very needed.

Booty Camp is going great. My booty is definitely looking better. Though the weight is hanging on like static cling. That’s okay. It’ll come off…eventually. It better or else.

Okay, that’s about it. Y’all have a great weekend and I’ll do better next week, I promise.

Halloween Recap. A Birthday. A Request.

Last night was fun.

Don’t worry, we only fed on the flesh of those who dared to Trick or Treat without a costume. 
Today is Maria Geraci’s birthday! I’m not gonna tell you how old she is, but I will tell you I will always be younger than her by a decade. 😀 I love you, amiga!

And now for a serious request. Any love, light, happy thoughts or prayers you can send up for Princess Purple would be great. She’s undergoing major surgery today. Be Strong, Bit! Princess Pink is sending you all sorts of sparkle today!

Yeah. It was that good.

Seriously, I had one of the best weekends ever.

Robyn’s little girl turned 13 on Saturday so we decided to surprise her with donuts, balloons and a yard full of decorated pumpkins.

Operation Pumpk’d was a great success!

After our pumpkin shenanigans, we all headed to Chili Fights in the Heights, then back to da Godfodda’s house for some foozball, ribs and beverages.

and lots of smiles.

Yesterday was a John Deere day…probably the last mow of the season. It was a gorgeous day to ride around and I did it with a smile.

Hope y’all had as awesome of a weekend as I did. xoxo

I couldn’t stay away…also HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK?

It’s weird, not blogging.

You know that saying when it rains, it pours? I swear it’s like someone opened Pandora’s box of ugliness over the past week or so and all I have to protect me from the rain is a shredded umbrella.

Anyway, I was deleting some anonymous mean-girl type comments on my blog this morning (this is becoming a very frustrating habit. I love how being “anonymous” gives people balls on the internet) when I ran across an entry from 2006 that made me smile…

So I share that smile with you:

8 year old logic

So, I was “coaching” my youngest son’s soccer team last night. And by “coaching” I mean I was standing in front of the bench yelling “Follow your kicks! Attack the ball! What are you waiting on, an invitation?” Yes, I’m a helluva coach.

In my defense, I did refuse to coach anymore because it’s getting to the point where you have know the rules. And I don’t know diddly about soccer. I should. I’ve given birth to 2 soccer players who have both been playing since they were 3 years old. But no. The soccer rules and I have not become one in the universe. But, I’m coaching because fishdog signed up to coach both boys. Which would be fantastic if the boys didn’t play at the same time. And since they have been playing at the same time, I’ve been “choosing” the lesser of two evils by coaching the 8 year olds. And by “choosing” I mean, not having a choice at all.

Where was I? Oh yes. “Coaching” soccer.

My son, Rader, is very determined and competitive. Soccer is a team sport and we (I say we because if I HAVE to coach the games, I should get some credit) try very hard to make the kids understand that. But last night, the kids didn’t understand anything. It was more like kickball than soccer. Herding snails would’ve been easier.

Rader decided he was Superman Soccer last night and took it upon himself to win the game. Forget the team. He didn’t need no stinkin’ team. He was Rader the Fearless. He could do it. And he did score our only two goals. (we’re not going to mention how many goals the other guys scored) But he also managed to wind up bashed around quite a bit. He took one hit to the nards that had him sitting for a while. I thought for sure he’d be talking in a higher octave for a day or two.

“Rader, what’s the deal? Have you forgotten you have 3 other teammates out there? They can help you if you let them.”

He sighed and did a semi-roll of the eyes. “Mom. It’s obvious they don’t want it bad enough. Besides, you can only help those who help themselves.”

Can’t argue with that logic, I guess.

In other smiley news, Happy Birthday to my best male friend, a man I consider a brother, and Ian’s godfather…Nick-O-Lust. I love you man…I miss your vodka inspired 20 minute messages and I can’t wait to hug you again when you visit in May. xoxo

Month of Mel 2012: Days 17, 18 & 19

St. Paddy’s Day came and went without one pinch. I did get a kiss or two, though. *wink* Being a redhead on an Irish Party Day really does have its advantages.

The boys and I celebrated Ian’s 18th birthday at the horse races on Friday. We had a great time. We all wore our hats, and they wore their “Charlie Sheen” shirts…and we picked horses, took pictures and laughed a lot.

Ian gave his new camera a good run for its money. We’ll see how the pictures turned out and if he has an eye for photography. He’s thinking about majoring in art in college and he’d like an emphasis in photography, so he better start practicing!

Speaking of photography, El Jefe got me some lenses for my iPhone. You can’t use them with the flash, but they take pretty great pics in natural light.

I’m digging the ladies in the fisheye lens…

I love taking pictures. I miss my SLR days, maybe one day, I’ll treat myself to a digital SLR and reteach myself all the manual photography stuff that I’ve long forgotten thanks to the easy digital point and shoot…and my iPhone point and shoot. haha.