you know his speech was bad when…

Even FOX NEWS calls Paul Ryan a big fat liar…

Do me a favor, go to and read the non-partisan facts about both candidates/parties and their rhetoric. Just do it instead of being all Yellow Dog or Tea Bagger.

I’m the biggest liberal on earth but I (probably)would have voted for McCain had he been the nominee instead of Dubya. I didn’t agree with him 100% but…he had a spine. He stood for something and ran on his own platform. But since he didn’t tow the party line, he didn’t get the nom. Sadly, he caved to party demands when he ran against Obama and completely flip-flopped on his core beliefs…and to make matters even worse, he chose that dumbass as a running mate. Talk about shooting himself in the foot. Geez.

Mitt Romney did the same thing, btw. He has completely flipped his switch. Check this out…what he always believed in vs. his current platform. You can’t deny this…since it’s Mitt Romney’s own words.

Here’s Fact Check’s rundown of Ryan’s speech. He’s a liar with a big fat L-I-A-R. The Republican party isn’t even trying to hide the fact they’re lying…they are just running on the belief they think they’re smarter than the people who are voting for them.

Sorry, I try not to talk politics much on this blog, but I have to say, our country is headed in a direction that frightens me as a woman and as an American. I can’t imagine anyone would actually willingly vote for these two guys. Especially anyone with a vagina. These two douches are freaking sketchy and dishonest and they support taking away women’s rights bit-by-bit. Paul Ryan actually had the nerve to call rape another “method of conception” as his justification for denying the right to choose for women and girls who are victims of rape and incest. Before you know it, they’ll be forcing women to marry their rapists because it says so in the bible. (I mean, that’s how they justify everything else, right?)

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. People who blindly follow their party instead of asking questions scare me. Are people really so stupid that they can’t see where this regime will take us if we allow it? Religiously based governments are only good for those in power. And they’re never good for women. Like Obama or not, these two misogynistic assholes are NOT good for the country (unless you’re a white male who makes 7 figures.)

ETA: They REALLY AREN’T hiding the fact that they’re running on lies. Check this out: (from the mouth of a Romney Aide)

 “Fact checkers come to this with their own sets of thoughts and beliefs, and we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers,” he said. The fact-checkers — whose institutional rise has been a feature of the cycle — have “jumped the shark,” he added after the panel.

Damn you FACT checkers for CHECKING THE FACTS and telling everyone we’re liars. But that’s okay because we don’t care. We know there are people blindly following us no matter we say… Fact Checkers. Bah. UGH.

things i’ve learned being at home all week

  • Kathie Lee and Hoda make my brain hurt. DO.NOT.WANT.
  • Ditto for Rachael Ray.
  • I can totally make organic everything, yummy food, plan an imaginary wedding, decorate my imaginary house, and go on a fantasy vacation thanks to a couple of hours spent staring at Pinterest.
  • I despise everything Mitt Romney stands for and it’s going to be hard to keep my mouth shut. And I probably won’t but I’ll try to only use my Tumblr account to spout off about his moronic, hypocritical politics. The ONLY good thing about this election year is that Sarah Palin isn’t involved. Speaking of morons…/political ranting
  • I love talking to El Jefe about everything from plotting my stories to spending our lottery winnings. 
  • I wish I could go to work in my pajamas.
  • I used to find Daniel Tosh funny but after his recent “jokes” about rape, I’ve changed my mind. Rape isn’t funny, kid. Grow up.
  • Viacom needs to suck it up and give DirecTV customers access to Comedy Central again. This pissing contest is for the birds.  
  • Nancy Grace is a bitch. She has no compassion.
  • Melinda Gates is awesome.
  • Aaron Sorkin has done it again. The Newsroom is one of the best shows on TV right now.
  • I miss my kids even though I’ve been sickly all week. I even miss Rader’s non-stop talking. 

thank goodness that’s over (you may just wanna skip this rant)

The one good thing I can say about the elections? They’re over–which means no more political ads.

Unfortunately, the one ad that should’ve run every 2 minutes, I never saw on TV. Sadly, I have a feeling we’re in for a repeat performance of some of the things discussed in this ad.

It’s too late now, but…in two years, maybe people will remember again.

It’s a huge pet peeve for me. I lost a house, lost my savings, and pretty much lost my marriage due to the housing crash thanks to deregulation. Yeah, I’m a bit bitter about it. But hey, now the GOP is in charge again, so surely EVERYTHING will be just fine. Right?

Hah. This country’s government has completely forgotten it is supposed to work FOR THE PEOPLE. I’m people and trust me, our government stopped working for me when Clinton’s term ended. Obama hasn’t even been given 2 years to fix the mess that it took GW 8 years to get us into. But it’s over now. And all I can say is I’d much rather watch Viagra commercials over hate-filled political ads any day.
And I’m off my political soap box. Like I said on Facebook…I’m going to my happy place where there is sunshine, unicorns, and Matt Damon.

Land of Hope and Dreams

If my friend hadn’t introduced me to Bruce Springsteen a few weeks ago, I would never have heard this song…and boy would I have been missing out. This song fills me.

He says its the perfect song for a liberal [like me]. *rolling eyes* I find it the perfect song for people everywhere. People who are hurting and need a change. People who need something to carry them into a new life. A life where they can dream, wish, hope, work, imagine and feel safe. A place where they can find something better for their children or for themselves. This song fills me with the light of hope . And trust me when I tell you, the light of hope has carried me through many a dark night.

Today is about hope for me. And dreams.

a mélange of thoughts

I’m talking about Feeding an Obsession over at FatChicksRunning today. Pop over and say hi.

I’m still feeling the afterglow of the election. I am so profoundly proud of our country right now. I know change will be slow, but in my heart, I do believe Obama will make a difference. He was the right choice.

I’m angry with the people of Arkansas right now. They voted in a law that states unmarried couples cannot adopt or foster kids. This is just another attempt to deny gay people the same rights as everyone else–however, this law affects every unmarried couple. I can’t believe we’re living in 2008 and the world is still this bigoted. It’s shameful.

LOVE SUCKS! is coming along, slowly but surely. I’m going to really enjoy getting to the meat of this story–there is a new character I’m dying to write…amazingly enough, he resembles a younger version of Spike from Buffy. Hmmmm, maybe this calls for some Buffy research….

Oh yeah. Definitely requires some in depth research…

the debate: my blog–my opinion

First of all, I twittered from the events in Oxford yesterday afternoon. You can go to my LJ blog where I import all my daily tweets and see pics and read commentary. It was an interesting night.

It was rumored that Oprah and the Governator were in town, but I never saw them. I also never saw anyone from the Daily Show or Colbert Report. I am disappointed in myself.

The debate was fun to watch. Overall, I felt like Obama was stronger. (apparently, so did much of America, according to the latest polls) He stayed on point more often than McCain and he actually answered some questions. I felt like McCain worked very hard to avoid answering most questions and also looked frustrated. He didn’t hide his irritation very well, constantly blinking and smirking. At one point, I thought his head might pop off his neck.

It was surprising to me that Obama wiped the Foriegn Policy floor with McCain. (don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled he did, but still very surprised.) I was disappointed in both candidates’ responses to the ‘Safety in America’ question. Neither did a good job with that. I expected more.

Obama hit at home with issues that are close to my heart: Middle class working America; Insurance; the war. He was dead on when he told McCain that if our enemy is Al Qaeda, then why were we focusing on Iraq and not Afghanistan. Al Qaeda wasn’t even in Iraq until we invaded. He was also right to say that McCain is acting like the Surge was the beginning of the war. Um, no. Yay for us! We’ve finally had some success…but the war started a long damn time ago. This is almost too little, too late. Sigh.

I was hopeful that McCain would stick to the issues, and not start spouting off inspirational stories about his awesomeness. However, my hope was crushed when McCain hit the trifecta: He called himself the Maverick, discussed the grieving Mom’s bracelet story, and in the end finally mentioned being a POW. It worries me that he thinks Americans are that sentimental in this time of crisis.

I loved it when Obama said, “I’ve got a bracelet too, John.” Awesome.

Personal rant following:
I find it ironic that McCain wants to keep government out of the insurance industry. Wow. Cuz that worked for the banking industry so well. And it’s also very amusing and not a little bit scary that McCain has no problem with the government regulating what a woman can do with her body. Why can’t extreme right-wingers understand that Pro-Choice is NOT pro-abortion. It’s PRO-CHOICE. It means allowing the individual to choose what is right for her. Pro-Choice means fighting government forced abortions, births, and birth control. Forcing someone to have a baby is just as wrong as forcing someone to have an abortion or forced sterilization. It doesn’t belong in the government. If you are against abortion–don’t have one! But don’t force your beliefs on another person. It’s not your place. It’s not the government’s place. And if you think big government is bad…what the hell do you call government forced births?

Here is a much more articulate opinion about Pro-Choice. Read it. It really does give you lots to think about.

/end Rant

There was no clear winner last night, though in my mind, Obama shined under the pressure. He was composed and gracious. McCain was tense and openly frustrated. If the rest of the debates are like this, there is no doubt who our next President will be.

I can’t wait for the VP Debate…what about you guys?

on the road again

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. First, Sockmonkey and I went to Florida for 10 days. Which was Teh Awesome. We were home 1 week before I had to drive to Oxford for a few house showings.

The showings were positive, but no offer.

Last week, we had more calls, so I went to Oxford again. Another positive showing but no offer.

This week, we took the plunge, marked the house down to FIRE SALE price and now I’ll be going back to Oxford on Friday…for what I hope will be the final weekend as Oxford homeowners.

So I’ve noticed a very scary trend while traveling lately. The route I drive from Little Rock to Oxford is trucker heavy. And I drive a little bitty Honda Civic hatchback. I feel like a mouse among elephants when I’m on the road.

Imagine how scary it is when I pass an 18-wheeler only to see that the driver is talking on a cell phone. Not using a bluetooth earpiece. Nope. On the cell phone.

I started counting on my drive home Monday. I counted 23 truckers talking on their phone. 23! Can someone tell me what is wrong with that picture? Yeah. Scary stuff.

Dear Truckers, get a bluethooth earpiece or get off the damn road. kthxbai.

For today’s election post:

Have you checked your facts today? (links for information on both campaigns, not just the for the candidate I’m voting for)

  1. Palin’s Energy Claims
  2. Obama campaign belittling Palin
  3. Misleading information re: McCain’s School Funding record
  4. Twisting’s findings

And for a completely biased opinion…please check out my friend, Gabrielle’s blog and my rant comment. Yes, I was feeling super passionate this morning. And yeah, there’s no question which side of the red/blue line I’m standing in this election.

it’s Friday, I’m in love…

Yes, it’s Friday. And after I run the kids to school, I’m headed to Oxford for the weekend. I have some writing to do and we have a couple of appointments to show the house. Everybody keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck there.

I have to admit something…I’m having a very hard time not discussing politics here. Seriously. And it’s not because I’m afraid of disagreement, that has never been a problem for me. I am perfectly capable of disagreeing and moving on. But way too many other people are not.

So instead of actual politics, I think I’ll discuss apathy.

Apathy is a silent killer. It’s like a disease that just quietly grows and spreads from person to person.

I’ve heard a lot of people say they’re not going to vote at all because they don’t like either candidate. Or they will vote for the woman, or the ‘black’ guy because it’s about time. Blah, blah, blah. Or Daddy says we’re Republican. Or Daddy says we’re Yellow Dog Democrats.

No wonder our country is in such a world of hurt right now. Nobody can be bothered to make a decision based on their beliefs. Hell, nobody can be bothered to believe anything anymore.

Do me a favor, take some time to read about all the candidates. And not just what they put up on their websites…do a little research. It’s not hard.


type in the candidates’ names and see if their voting records match your ideals.

or (for fewer questions) here: VOTE HELP
Answer the questions and see where you fall percentage wise. You might be surprised. I was when I took the quiz during the primaries.

Don’t be apathetic. Don’t choose a candidate based on lack of knowledge of the issues. Please.