Roll those sixes with the angels, Joan!

Today, we celebrate the life of fellow Bunko Babe who was taken from this life way too suddenly.

My fellow Pisces, Liberal, Writer, Bunko Babe, and Friend. We’re gonna miss you hard, Joan Duffy. I’m definitely going to miss the sharp witted emails you would send just when I needed a laugh. You’re a rockstar…and you’re gonna rule the roost in the after life.

Love you. The earth already misses your presence.

are we there yet?

First off…the prodigal boyfriend has returned! yippee! He spent the holidays with his family in GA and then went to his nephew’s wedding, so he was gone for two whole weeks! Thank goodness I had decorating to do, and orientation at my 2nd job and friends to keep me busy. 🙂 Oh who am I kidding, I’m always busy.

Speaking of decorating:

 The Pimp Tree 
The Flamingo Tree (yes, it’s decorated with several flamingos and the tree topper is a flamingo with a sparkly santa hat on…)

However, I did enjoy this past weekend of alone time. It was wonderful–as I don’t get much of that in my life. I did a LOT of yard work. Burned 8 piles of leaves and raked and mulched for about 10 hours over the weekend. I cleaned the house, did laundry, watched Love Actually again. (I am aware I have a problem.) I thought about wearing my sparkly santa hat to do yard work in, but decided since it was 76 degrees that I would burn up if I did so.

Here I am in my sparkly goodness. I do love the holidays…even though I’m not quite ready for holiday music yet. I’ll start playing it the week before Christmas probably. It’s just too soon…and too warm. How can you listen to Winter Wonderland when you’re wearing shorts and flip flops? (and you’re not at the beach…?)

It’s only Tuesday, and I’m already wishing for Friday. Or at least, Thursday night. (You know, Friday Eve) I’m ready for my 2 week holiday vacation to kick in…for me it starts on the 20th…just in time for the end of the world on the 21st. Guess we need to start working on our apocalypse lists again….

Have a happening day! Don’t forget to sparkle…it makes the people around you very happy.

Weekly recap

Hey gang. Sorry I bailed on ya this week. I needed a respite. I’ve been busy planning an awesome birthday celebration for El Jefe. Which was yesterday. Which included a video montage of happy birthday messages from several of his out-of-state friends, a message from the boys…where they killed a hooker and she turned into a zombie and then they died. A message from da Godfodda and Laura, and finally my message…where I made him a bacon sandwich.

And he woke up yesterday, and there was a bacon sandwich waiting for him. With a light saber candle…

I also made a Bacon Apple Pie which was delicious, but I have figured out how to improve it and will remake it and when it is perfected, I will post pics and a recipe.

Here’s a picture of last night’s pie:

We had a great time with our friends. It was very needed.

Booty Camp is going great. My booty is definitely looking better. Though the weight is hanging on like static cling. That’s okay. It’ll come off…eventually. It better or else.

Okay, that’s about it. Y’all have a great weekend and I’ll do better next week, I promise.

Forward. HO!

Yes, the election is over. Yes. I’m pleased with the results…but the reality is, if things had gone the other way, I’d be all right, too. (Unless I wanted to make a very important decision about my body…)

Anyhoo… Yay that the Rape Idiots didn’t get reelected. Good Grief. Yay for women who soundly told our country that we deserve the same pay and full control over our own bodies.

The only 1950s we get to live in, is in our pin up girl fantasies! And that’s the way it ought to be. (I’ll be right back, I need to go make you a sammich.)

And yay for President Barack Obama and his family. Go forth and continue to rebuild from the mess you were handed.

I’ve been extremely disappointed in my Facebook newsfeed lately. I welcome dissenting opinions, but I do not tolerate racism, hate or rhetoric. I woke this morning to see a couple of my ‘friends’ posting “Welcome to Muslim America’  and “Well of course he got voted in, everyone loves getting freebies.”

Really? Come on. Educate yourself. Don’t spread hate and rhetoric and untruths. Damn. So this is my status today.

If you truly believe that Obama is a Socialist, a Muslim, if you’re still looking for his birth certificate, or if you’re posting racist hate and rhetoric on your page, please just unfriend me now. This is a democracy. The people have spoken and they have spoken loudly. If I survived 8 years of Dubya (barely) then I promise, you will survive 8 years of Obama. These are not the darkest days. This is not the end of the world. I have been looking for signs of the apocalypse, and I’m pretty sure we’re safe. There’s no excuse to post hate. Respect the process and let love rule.

Seriously, we’ve all made mistakes, we all don’t like something about someone. We all disagree with different government policies, but to be hateful? To spread lies and encourage racism? Just not something I want to be around and certainly not something I want kids to see. So I’ve unfriended a few folks and I posted this and asked people to unfriend me. And I’m okay with it if you do. You have the right to your beliefs, but I’d appreciate it if you’d just keep them off my newsfeed because I don’t really want to hang out with someone who won’t bother to educate themselves with facts and who hates because of race, gender, or sexuality. Now. Go forth and love someone today.

dein erster und letzter biss


That’s what the German version of BITE ME! is called. And check out the cover!

Hehehehehehe Yes, I’m a little giddy.

It went on sale this week…and if you read German or just want to have this fantastic version for yourself, you can order it online…

Kindle Edition

Direct from the Publisher

C’mon. You know this is cool stuff….

Speaking of cool stuff…

BITE ME! and LOVE SUCKS! are available on Kindle for $3.79 right now. Get thee over there and take advantage of these bargains!

In other news, I walked 4 miles last night with my pal Eric. (the same pal I walked the Half Marathon with a couple of years ago.) It was good to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It’s where I find my spirit and peace. And I woke up this morning totally at peace.

Who wouldn’t find peace after spending an hour here?

Year 2

So 2 years ago I went on my first date with a man I had known for 10 years. A man I had worked with and then ended up living next door to for a few months before I moved back to Little Rock.

A man who always made me laugh and always made me very nervous.

I can’t say things have changed very much. 🙂 He still makes me laugh. And he still makes me nervous, but in the best way possible.

This hasn’t been the smoothest year possible. Lots of changes and surprises and stress. But home is where the heart is, and I’m happy to say, our hearts seem to like their new digs…and event though El Jefe is feeling little old and gimped up lately ( 😀 ) he still makes my heart skip a beat when he looks at me.

aw yeah

I’m gonna have to start working on my 80s outfit…because on October 9th, I’m gonna be on the floor, row 18 of Verizon Arena…for the JOURNEY, LOVERBOY AND PAT BENATAR concert!

I was a bit of an 80s concert ho… If they came to town, I bought a ticket. I think I’ve seen Ozzy 5 times. I saw Journey my junior year, I saw Loverboy at every river concert they showed up to in the 80s…BUT…I never once got to see Pat Benatar.

And I’m stoked.

So look out Verizon…we’re gonna party like it’s 1986. And you’re gonna like it.

Hope I can remember how to tease my bangs…

oh happy days

my itty-bitty momma, me, Ian and Rader

I’m a proud momma.

The graduation was standing room only. I ran in front of the stage when Ian’s name was called to get a picture. He didn’t pause for me to take a good one. While I was there, Rader took a pic of me taking a pic of Ian…I’m the red head in the middle. haha

The weekend was busy and tiring, but wonderful.

ION this week is gonna be awesome. I only work 2.5 days…Rader’s 8th Grade Convocation is Wednesday. I have stuff to do on Thursday…and Friday is SPA DAY WITH THE BOYS! (And my niece Taylor who I haven’t seen in a couple of years. I totes can’t wait to hug her neck) Rader is cutting his hair Friday and donating his mane to Locks of Love. I have a much needed hair appt as well…it’s time to amp up my Go-Go Red! and we are all getting pedicures. I’m also gonna get a mani…something I haven’t done in over a decade.

hot stuff

Donna Summer died yesterday, taking a little piece of my sparkle with her. She was the inspiration behind my first pair of heels when I was a kid…Hot Pink Candies…

Man I wish I still had those shoes…

In happy fun time news, my Tree Frog graduates from High School tomorrow night. I’m so very proud of you son…