Super Nerd is Super!

My kid is awesome. He also isn’t quite right in the head, but I love him anyway. Yes, he wore this to school today. These pants are his 2nd pair of “John Daly” pants. (see other pair below)He has to wear a tie on game days (football starts tonight, YAY!) and so he figures if he’s gotta wear a tie, he should wear it with “style.” Ahem. Well, he is his own person, that’s for sure…

In other news, I woke up full of anger and discontent this morning but after I fed on the souls of several babies, kicked a kitten*, and drank 4 cups of coffee, I felt much better.

Honestly, the souls of the innocent work every time. You should try it.

*ETA: no actual kittens were harmed in this mornings kicking… Don’t send me any hate mail because you have no sense of humor. Mmmkay?
Or send it…and then I’ll blog about it. Yeah. Do that.

friday miscellaneous

This smile? Courtesy of Friday.

  • The Watson’s house did NOT eat my hair dryer. This is very good news, because I like their house a whole lot.
  • I woke this morning to the sounds of war with the excavation crew across this street blowing shit up like Bin Laden was still alive hiding in a bed of quartz.
  • Bobcat is going to have to learn to use his teeth and claws for evil ON SOMEONE ELSE. He is biting the hand that feeds him. Soon he will be implanted permanently in a wall if he isn’t careful.
  • I had fun looking through some old pics on my computer last night. I found this lovely item

This is me in 9th grade. I had the worst “jump” shot ever. Am I even off the ground? Also? The hair is pretty much an awesome mullet. Because you couldn’t play basketball in the 80s and not have a mullet. I am a walking cliche. Aren’t you glad you know me?
  • I also found my fat pictures. The ones I took as a “Before” shot. HOLY SHIT. My eyes! They burn! These are never to be seen by another living human ever again. Wow. I may have a long way to go, but I sure have come a long damn way, that’s for certain.
  • I’m so ready for the weekend. This has been a crazy week and I need some down time. And some John Deere time. He’s been missing me.
  • It looks like it might rain, so here’s hoping…
Y’all have a great weekend. I plan to.

this picture says it all

Bobcat Greyskull has been mostly on his own for a few days since my air has been out of service and we haven’t been staying at the Easy Bake Oven house. Last night, I stayed there (even with 3 fans pointed toward the bed, I was soaked with sweat until after 2 am). Anyway, BCGS was in full Spazzatron mode last night. That look you see there? That’s what I experienced for 4 hours non-stop.

I have been punished appropriately for my sin of abandoning him. I apologize BCGS. I won’t let it happen again.
This morning, I bounce out of bed, totally well-rested force myself upright, rubbing the lack-of-sleep tension out of my neck and shoulders, get ready for work, hop in the car…only to see the SERVICE ENGINE light come on. And when the car is in idle…it’s revving. On its own. Like it belongs in a Stephen King novel…
Mom offers a ride. We head toward Little Rock with a song in our heart…only to be rear ended by some idiot who said “I slammed on my brakes!” No dude. You slammed into us. Anyway, my momma let him have it. I’m pretty sure he had no idea that a 72 year old, 5 ft tall woman could be such a badger. She made him take his bluetooth ear piece out and told him he needed to start paying attention to the cars in front of him, not whoever he had on the phone.
There was no damage, which was good, but he hit us hard enough that I was jolted forward and I will probably be hitting a chiropractor this week.
And that was my past 24 hours….so how was yours? I think I’m winning the one-up stories lately! So go ahead and try to beat me…

back it up like a Tonka truck!

If it doesn’t rain today and if Waylon the Gravel Dude can make it work, we will be getting a dump truck load of new driveway this afternoon. And you know what that means, right? Free beer to anyone over the age of 21 who would like to come over and help us spread it out. The more hands we have, the quicker we can be done… Also, BYOS (bring your own shovel)

Bobcat Greyskull returned to us last night, and he is officially a “bobcat.” His tail has been snipped appropriately and in order to keep him from pulling out his stitches, he was placed in the cone billboard of shame.

Now, don’t let the Billboard of Shame fool you. It hasn’t slowed turbo-kitteh down one iota. As a matter of fact, I think it contains the powers of super speed and agility with an increase of +30 in Spazztasticness. He rocks that billboard, is what I’m saying.
He seriously doesn’t slow down until he falls into a coma which is why the majority of the pics of him are blurs. Like this one.

And after a few hours of nonstop pinballing around the house, he crashes hard.

Then he wakes, hits the catnip pipe and goes for it again.

I owe El Jefe a huge barrel of thanks for taking Bobcat Greyskull to the vet and making sure the little fella is healthy. And I’m probably going to owe him a dump truck of thanks after I work him like a junkyard dog he lovingly volunteers to help spread gravel. hehehehe Seriously, ❤ x 1000.

a tail’s tale

Bobcat Greyskull (occasionally known as Turbo, Spazz, Bullet, Blur, and Crackhead) is currently having his tail snippy-snipped. Which is good, because it was getting pretty disgusting. *shudder*
Not that it slowed him down at all. He don’t need no stinkin’ tail. He just needs a piece of paper. And lemme tell ya, you bettah NOT be a piece of paper in his presence because he will PUNISH YOU hardcore.

Here he is crashed out with his BFF. When she allows such things…
In other news, there’s a whole lotta stuff going on at Hey Don’t Judge Me! We have Glee Season 1 Drinking game recaps; My Bachelorette Recaps; Real Housewives of WTF New Jersey; and now Hoarders! Go forth and enjoy!!!

to the point.

  • couldn’t get out of bed this morning.
  • Bobcat Greyskull has two speeds: Coma and Turbo.
  • I have an awesome boyfriend who is awesome and does awesome things for me and the boys and I totally appreciate it.
  • I’m really busy at work today, hence the bullet points.
  • Sweet Baby MacBook should be ready for me next week. I HAVE MISSED HER SO.
  • I caught up on GAME OF THRONES last night, Oh. Em. Gee.
  • I am so ready for Happy Fun-Time at the Lake this weekend. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.
  • I have a lunch date with my girls and then Wine Wednesday with them later.
  • Which means, I have a date with Kim Cattrall Crawford as well.

things and stuffs and things

  • I’m hoping to have both Bachelorette episodes 3&4 posted at HDJM today. There are some epic moments that must be given their proper attention. EPIC. MOMENTS.
  • Bobcat Greyskull will indeed be losing his tail, therefore earning his name after all. Probably will be next week some time. He’s doing great, though. When he wasn’t playing with Ruby he was sleeping on my chest. This morning he met Chicken Nugget, and although Nugget is slightly suspicious, he seems to be warming up to him. Nugget is a lover, not a fighter. Clementine is all “get out of my patio.” It will take her a while, but she’ll get there.
  • I found an itty-bitty 4-leaf clover walking to my office today.
  • It’s Day 2 of a short work week and I’m ready for Day 5 which will consist of driving to the lake, getting into the boat, tooling around the lake, getting sun.
  • Possibly some hiking will occur…
  • The kids were left with a chore list this morning as when I got home last night, my living room looked like a daycare had exploded in it. Candy, sodas, juice, jello, cereal, clothing, movies, socks, and shoes were just a few of the things scattered about the room. Most bedrooms are bigger than my living room. As you can imagine, I was not a happy mom.
  • I’m wondering if we can make Bobcat Greyskull a party barge cat…
  • Thanks to the boys (and fishdog) I now have an iPhone 4 (belated birthday gift) and I ❤ taking pics with it, so please see below for THE CUTE.

prepare for the epic in cute: meet Bobcat Greyskull

A tee-tiny, itty-bitty kitteh adopted us this weekend. He’s barely 4 weeks old, has a broken and infected tail and is so skinny he makes Lara Flynn Boyle look obese.
I say he adopted us, but really, he adopted Ruby. And Baby Bear didn’t seem to mind him either.

El Jefe is taking him to the vet today. We expect he will lose his tail (though they might surprise us)… in preparation for the possible de-tailing (haha), we’ve named him Bobcat. And then Greyskull naturally, of course. And really, you have to call him Bobcat Greyskull because that’s his name, like Bettie Sue or Jim Bob. Anyway, El Jefe seems quite smitten with the little rascal. I’m wondering if Bobcat Greyskull will make it back to the compound… 🙂

Yesterday was a day of yard work and household duties. El Jefe became one with the John Deere while I potted some hanging baskets and cleaned off and straightened up my porch. Jefe also got to put his big bag of tools to use and fixed my bathroom faucet and porch door. Next on the list: cat door! (because the cats keep finding their way to my home. I think I’m running a House for Wayward Kittehs. This does NOT make me a cat lady. Yet.) (also, if I have dogs, doesn’t that automatically disqualify me from being a cat lady? yes. yes it does.)

I leave you today with a picpasm of more cuteness. Have a great week!

The yellow kitteh is Chicken Nugget. He and Ruby are pretty much BFFs…

Here is Ruby and Baby Bear checking out Bobcat Greyskull. Headbutts all around!
Trinity really enjoying a good brushing.

Baby Bear is too cool for school. Or my camera.

2011: Month of Mel Day 21: FRESH PICK!

March 21, 2011

LOVE SUCKS! Was chosen by Fresh Fiction as today’s Fresh Pick!

The Fresh Pick is chosen by a group of readers and is never a
purchased advertisement or promotion. We’ve chosen your book
because it appeals to us and we like to share our diverse tastes
in reading and hope other readers will give it a try.

Here’s a link to their orignial review if you haven’t seen it yet.

Thank you Fresh Fiction! This made my day!

In other news, my hardcore cat, Clementine, gifted me with a dead bird this morning. Oh boy, that sure was fun to clean up. She was so proud. I was soooo, grossed out.

2011: Month of Mel Day One

The Month of Mel has arrived…and with it, so have the daffodils! YAY flowers! and Spring! and Warmth! and Sunshine! and Me!

Check out Kitty G checking out the daffodils in my backyard. How sweet is that?

One thing I’ve missed over the past few years is my flowerbed. In Oxford, I built a ginormous bed which sometimes was way too much work…but the end result was always worth it. I had a beautiful rose garden at the end of the house, two giant star hibiscus, some gardenias (OMG I
This year, I’m not going to plant a garden, but I am going to do some potted plants & hanging baskets on my front porch. Daisies (my favoirite), sunroses, geraniums…anything with color. Because let’s face it, vivid is the only way to be. 🙂

This is gonna be a great day–I’m sparkling bright for day one of the Month of Mel…are you?