From 12:00-2:00

Our furniture is being delivered today. Let us hope it’s closer to 12:00 than 2:00.

Oh wait. I still need to vacuum where the bed is going. I ran out of time this morning. So maybe I should be hoping it’s closer to 2:00 than 12:00…

Either way, YAY FURNITURE!

You know, I understand that these delivery dudes have to schedule multiple deliveries on a single day, but I find it so frustrating that I have to plan a 2 (ok, more likely 4) hour chunk out of my day to be there. It wasn’t free delivery…we’re paying these dudes to deliver and set up. So really? Please don’t make it a 4 hour wait time. You said 12-2…and I’m gonna hold you to it. Mmmmkay?

Let’s see…what else is going on….

Well it’s mother’s day weekend and it looks like the kids will be serving an awesome group of moms brunch on Sunday at the Partyhood. Aw yeah. I think they should wear uniforms and everything…. I believe there will be Bloody Marys and Mimosas involved in this affair, so we will be winning the Mothers of the Year award again. Because obviously, we are.

Clementine is missing Bobcat Greyskull. Well, she’s not “missing” his sneak attacks and his pouncing ninja moves, but she is obviously feeling his absence. She’s been sleeping with us every night, which is highly unusual for her. And she’s also not like other cats…when you roll over, she doesn’t jump up and move…she’s like a lump on a log. Dead weight. Warm and fuzzy dead weight…

See where Ruby and Clementine’s butts meet? That’s where my leg belongs….

It’s Thursday, bitches! The weekend is almost here. Let’s get our party on!

out with the old…

It’s time to purge. Clean out my closets…sweep up the cobwebs…scrub the baseboards of my life.

And yes, I’m being both literal and metaphorical because that’s how I roll.

I started boxing up some old clothing yesterday. Actually, it would be more accurate to say I “bagged up” some clothes that I just don’t wear anymore. And I’m cleaning out my closet this afternoon and doing the same. When you live in a small space you have to be creative with storage. And who wants to waste what little storage there is on clothing that isn’t worn? Not me said the flea.

Our new furniture is being delivered on Thursday, and so I’m making a fresh start…And since Mother’s Day is this weekend, I’m thinking my boys will be making a fresh start in their rooms as well. “Mom what do you want for M-Day?” Flowers to plant, mani/pedi gift cert…and FOR YOU TO CLEAN YOUR ROOMS.

Hmmmm. Let’s see which of those three items I actually get.

I also want them to cook me breakfast Sunday morning…is it wrong to ask them to fix me the perfect Bloody Mary, too? Probably. But who cares? I’m already the “world’s greatest mom” anyway…this will just add one more notch on my awesome mom belt. (BTW, the perfect Bloody Mary is made with Zing Zang, Black Pepper Vodka, Green Olives and a lime) (spicy green beans/asparagus optional.)

Thanks for all the sweet words, texts, & FB comments about our beloved BCGS. He will be missed. In other cat of the awesome news, check out the world’s dirtiest cat, Clementine:

This cat is bad-ass. She brings us birds all the time. Killed a possum an opossum last week. And sadly, she got herself a bunny over the weekend. She’s a hardcore hunter. I bet she would even outwit Predator.

Clementine vs. Predator: Hunter Games

Yeah. I crack myself up.

Later y’all! Have a great Tuesday!

oh it’s a good friday indeed.

Bobcat Greyskull loves this azalea bush because of the butterflies. He’s the master of butterfly attacks and I try to be their protector, but sadly, he still manages to get one or two.

Clementine is hard core. Butterflies are for babies. She laughs at them. Yesterday, apparently she brought El Jefe a cardinal. I saw a giant crow in the field today and wondered where Clementine was hiding. I know she was plotting its demise.

So this is apparently Easter weekend. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. What this means for me? Mom’s baked ham. Mmmmmm.

Today is pedi day! I’m so excited because my disco toes now look like they’ve been used up in a back alley and left for dead.

In other news…my flower bed is sprouting! I planted Zinnias, Sweet William, Cosmos, Daisies (duh), Cornflower, and Foxglove. My house should be full of fresh cut flowers this summer. YAY!

So happy happy weekend to all my peeps. <–hurr (see what I did there? Easter? Peeps? Hurr Hurr!) I’ll see you Monday!

Month of Mel 2012: Day 5

Let us observe a moment of silence for Bobcat Greyskull. He lost his tail last July, and today he’s losing his man-parts.

In more glamorous news, Bell Bottoms, Nipsy and I went Disco Diva shopping this weekend. Check out THIS awesome find. I will not be wearing the pajama pants at the party…

If the mail runs correctly, I will be wearing THESE pants instead:

And the shoes that Nipsy found for me at Savers? AMAZING.

I’m also thinking that maybe this is the perfect color for my toes…

It’s gonna be a groovy time…and I can’t wait to see El Jefe decked out. You know he’s gonna be hot. Especially if he’s sporting a super 70s ‘stache…

the big adventure

When Bobcat Greyskull isn’t busy plotting to take over the world, he’s busy plotting to get outside the screened-in-porch.

And occasionally, he succeeds.

Last night, he had himself a BIG adventure. We think he explored the Compound for at least an hour, possibly two. And since he’s gray and very, very sneaky, he was difficult to find in the darkness.

But we found his Achilles Heel last night…

The red dot.

 He tried to resist its siren call, but he couldn’t.

His wail of disappointment was strong when the screen door closed, but all we had to do was turn on the red demon and he forgot all about it.

So now he plots his next escape and we must continue to come up with grand ways to capture him. Until next time, BCGS…

today is FATastic.

Last year’s Mardi Gras party… photobomb courtesy of El Jefe. 🙂

Okay, so tomorrow everybody is going to talk about what they’re giving up for Lent. I don’t do Lent, though by the look of my dryer vent, I do have plenty of lint… That’s a rhyme and now I want a mint…Somebody please stop me before this becomes a detriment…

Ouch. Okay. Sorry.

Anyway, yeah, I don’t give anything up to prove anything to anyone. It ain’t how I roll. Mmmm. I’d really like to eat a buttery roll right now. It is Fat Tuesday after all.

Oh wait. I keep getting off track.

Tomorrow is the start of a new day for me. Now that my health bidness is over, and now that I actually seem to finally be feeling normal (for me anyway) again, I think it’s time to start back down my fitness road. So tomorrow morning, come Hell or highwater…I’m going to hit the trails at 5:15. I figure if I can do two early morning 45 min walk/runs and then fit in two more somewhere during the week, I will be good to go. Birdrunner and I have talked about doing a lunch walk during the week, so maybe we can start that next week. Either way, I miss how I felt when I was exercising and since I no longer have a valid excuse not to, then I guess it’s time I get off my Fat Tuesday Ass and get with it. I ordered a not-so-cheap big booby exercise harness bra today, I probably should get some use out of it. Next on my list, new shoes.

I think Ruby-Doo will really enjoy the early morning jaunts…if I can get her Fat Tuesday Ass out from under the woobie.

here we go again

It’s Monday morning, I’m at my desk but wishing I was still in bed. If you know me at all, this should not surprise you…

We had a fairly uneventful weekend. I mean, other than the heart attack and stroke we had on Friday after paying the vet bill for 2 dogs. Obviously, paying the bill affected them too, as both Ruby and Trinity spent all night in this position:

It was (obviously) very hard work going to the vet. The good news is, Trin Trin is healthy and Ruby-Doo’s skin infection is clearing up.

Saturday I finally regained some of that elusive energy that I’ve spent months trying to find. I’ve been no fun lately, so when I woke up before 8:00 and felt like cleaning, I knew I was getting back on track. I did a little shopping, then came home and scrubbed my bathroom. Sunday, I deloused and defunked the boys’ rooms. Then I took a boiling hot shower in bleach. I may never rid myself of the stench of teenage boy and sweaty feet.

So even though I didn’t get to do anything very exciting, I did accomplish quite a bit. \o/

Are you watching Downton Abbey? OMG I ❤ that show. Last night had me choked up. I’m such a girl.

The Month of Mel is just 10 days away. I’m thinking I should start myself another “to do” list for the year. Give me some fun goals to work toward. Give myself the things I’ve always wanted but have never gotten. Like buy myself a pair of diamond earrings. Get my passport. Go somewhere exotic. Learn to belly dance. Get another tattoo…Should I try for 43 things to do at 43?

Oh and one more thing. Another daffodil popped up over the weekend, so I gave it to one of Baby Bear’s ladies….cool, huh?


So I had two weeks off…and even though I did a lot of sleeping, I did other things, too.

El Jefe and I started building a firepit in our yard. We are using bricks that used to be walls at the entrance of my parents’ driveway. Multiple walls that were knocked down multiple times due to drunk drivers totally missing the giant curve in front of their house.

It’s kinda cool that we are making something new out of something old.

And even though it’s not finished, we did build a fire for New Years. Yeah this pit is gonna be awesome. And so will the patio we are going to build around it.

 This is the area before we started.


First thing we had to do was collect the bricks. This really isn’t very easy, because they’re down by the pond and we have to pull the wagon through a marshy area before we pull it up the hill to the pit area. Also, the bricks are heavy. So before we used the tractor to pull them, we used Rader.

Then we employed Ruby to supervise.

C’mon baby! Light my FIRE!

While we’re prettying up the area, we decided to give Baby Bear some company. He always loved the ladies.

blog title? yeah, not today.

Holy crap, it was a busy weekend. Rader played in the Gold Division of the President’s Cup this weekend, and his team (The Deathcats) won the tournament! This means we are eligible to head to Greensboro, NC in June to represent Arkansas in the Regional tourney. How awesome is that? The last game was quite tough, as we had a very strict ref. He didn’t take no BS from anyone. So a player got ejected (well, he did throw a punch), Fishdog got ejected for yelling (after several warnings), a couple of parents got lectured and warned and a few more players were also sternly warned. And the game looked more like a rugby match than soccer. Lots of hitting, tripping, cursing, a few punches thrown (not even kidding) and mouthing off by parents and players alike. Fun times.<–NOT

Congrats Deathcats! Y’all played hard and you deserve the medal! For some action shots of Rader in the goal, go here.

It ended up being a beautiful fall weekend. My favorite kind of weather. Warm and windy with leaves raining down everywhere. Ruby, Clementine and I walked by the pond yesterday afternoon and I took some pretty cool pics.

And since Bobcat Greyskull isn’t allowed outside yet, I took one of him, being all cool and stuff:

My claws. Let me show you them.

I hope y’all had a great weekend. I did..but I’m glad it’s over…