Sad News, Happy News

Last night, Ruby went missing for over an hour. We let her out with Trin-Trin like we always do. She didn’t come back after about 20 minutes, which is unusual, so we started to look for her. We searched 3 different properties that are attached and cover more than 10 acres. We searched across the street, even though she has never ventured across the street before. Nothing.

Finally, after more than an hour, I looked in a different ditch across the street, and there she was. Shivering and weak. I picked her up and there was no yelping, so I didn’t think she got hit. She had a scraped bottom lip that was bleeding, and that seemed to be the extent of her injuries.

We thought she may have gotten scared by a car and fell down the ditch and then was just too cold to move.

However, once she warmed up, we discovered her sweet little pug tail was broken. Hanging limp as a noodle. And she was having a real difficult time with her back legs. She’s at the vet now and we are waiting to hear what’s going on. Poor Ruby-Doobie-Doo. It looks like she was definitely clipped by a car. So we wait.

We’re all pulling for you Rubes.

Now, in happier news…

Remember how I sold German Rights to BITE ME?

Well, we can add LOVE SUCKS! to that mix now! That’s right! Lovely Agent emailed me this morning and said CORA wanted to buy the rights to LOVE SUCKS! Yippee!!

I feel good!

So despite some VERY disturbing dreams last night, I woke today well-rested and in a fantastic mood.

I won’t go into details about my dreams because they were just too disturbing, however, after looking up the interpretation of some of the more haunting symbols, I feel much better. MUCH.

This morning was perfect for coffee and doggies. I had the cool house to myself for about an hour this morning. Everyone else was deep in sleep and I sat on the couch in the dim light and enjoyed the cool breeze and steady rain. I had doggies at my feet, coffee in my cup and Little-Itty-Bitty behind the couch giving the Chimay cork about 10 kinds of hell. it was perfect.

Okay, bitches. Y’all have a great weekend. I hope you plan to snuggle up and enjoy this first burst of cool air! And get busy on your Halloween costumes! I want a full report next week.

burn baby burn and other stuff

It’s Tuesday. It feels like Monday. Probably because I spent the entire weekend working my ass off. Or at least Sunday & Monday I did…

We’ve been under a burn ban since May, so when Isaac rolled through last week, the ban was officially lifted and I officially got busy.

 Sunday afternoon, I stopped by my friend Lori’s house for some lasagna and Bellinis. Yum. And for a little reminiscing… She apparently just put together some old photo albums from our college years and thereafter…. Check out this beauty.

I believe this was the luau we had at our friend Dave’s house. This was actually between babies…I’m pretty sure summer of 96 or 97.  Beautiful, huh? hahahaha

Little-Itty-Bitty is doing well. She’s eating like nobody’s business and starting to do some exploring and playing. She seems to be getting some energy now that she’s fattening up. She is definitely a snuggly Kitty and she adores Jefe.

Hope y’all had a great holiday weekend. I’m exhausted still from all the burnin’ and cooking I did. (I made potato cakes and bacon for breakfast yesterday. Quiche for dinner. (I also did a Quiche on Sunday for some friends and on Saturday, made chili-cheese dip, bacon-ranch crazy bread for the Razorback watch party!) Woo Pig Sooie! It’s time for some football again!

friday fun day

This video is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

In other fun news, my favorite headline news statement this morning: “Honey Boo Boo beats the RNC.” HAH! *love*

 And finally, our little itty bitty kitty has a name.

Introducing Little-Itty-Bitty  also known as Libby. And boy is Ruby in love.

 I’m off to see my BFF from high school. Sushi, shopping and shenanigans!

pinterest SUCCESS

I tried my first Pinterest recipe last night…and boy was it YUMMY!

We had homemade Mac and Cheese, bacon-wrapped Talapia, and stuffed crab shells. OMG. So freaking good. (FYI, the stuffed crab shells were from the seafood deli in Kroger. On sale for $1.00 each with Kroger card. It was a damn good deal and mighty tasty.) It was the only thing on our plate that I didn’t fix last night. Now Jefe knows why I love watching cooking shows like Top Chef so much. I get ideas and then I CREATE! Cooking…it’s food science!

I can’t wait to get home and eat some more Mac and Cheese. And now that I’ve made the recipe once, I have some ideas on how to tweak it. I used only Half and Half in the recipe and I think I needed to mix it up with milk. It’s very rich…and would be fantastic with lobster, scallops or crabmeat (or all of the above). Next time I’ll probably leave out the Dijon mustard. I didn’t use much, but it was still a pretty strong flavor.

Have you seen yet? I love that blog. “Where good intentions go to die.” HAH!

In Itty Bitty Kitteh news…she still has no name…but she is settling in quite nicely.

Ruby is apparently still circling her. Jefe says she’s like a little annoying black shark. I guess new kitty smell is addictive…


A kitteh with no name…

and the newest member of the family at Compound de MelJefe…

Now to think of a name. She’s so itty bitty and scrawny I keep thinking EAT A SANDWICH or possibly CATe Moss. haha She was the runt of her litter and has spent the last two weeks at the vet trying to gain a little weight.

Ruby is very excited about having another cat. The cat, however, does not share in Ruby’s joy just yet. Trin-Trin is very curious but cautious. I think Clementine thought she was a squirrel and licked her lips…

Maybe we should just name her Squirrel.

big. stuff.

Ian is taking his driver’s test today. He starts college tomorrow. My treefrog is all-growed-up.

Not only can he vote, he can join the military, & run off and get married without my permission (yeah…but if this happens, I will be killing him so, really this one doesn’t count). And he’s a college boy. Wow.

I’m amazed by both of my boys everyday. I’m proud of the young men they are becoming…and if you do the math, you’ll realize I was obviously child bride and young mom…because there is no way I’m old enough to have boys this age. (which explains why I’m still getting carded) Freshmen! Both of them!

In Feline news, Clementine brought us a present yesterday. I’m very glad it wasn’t a bunny or a chipmunk. About a month ago she brought us a flying squirrel. She probably took it straight out of the air, because she’s hardcore like that.

weekend roundup

I’m not gonna lie to you folks, there was a lot of napping going on this weekend.

Also, I did some sitting outside, with my notebook and computer to work out some plot issues on my current WIP. Yeah, the work-in-progress that was showing no progress because I wasn’t working on it? That’s the one.

Well, I decided to work on it some. I love to write, I love to create, but sometimes it’s like exercising for me. If I don’t do it almost everyday, I start to dread it…I start to feel like I’m not good at it anymore, I totally psych myself out.

The good news is, I had LOTS of plotting help from the girls.

Like the old school pen and ink to paper plotting method I was using? That’s how I roll, baby.  Ruby and Trinity didn’t approve of my Luddite method, but they stuck around to assist me anyway.

Now I just have to keep it up on a daily basis. Y’all don’t let me get distracted by the sparkly things, the squirrels or the internetz…okay?

do the humpty hump, do the humpty hump!

Hey y’all! It’s humpday! Woot!

My Bachelorette recap was posted at Hey Don’t Judge Me yesterday. Get thee over and read. It is pure joy…in a trashy sorta way. Also, there might be some panty-melting going on. Because damn that Arie is sexy when he kisses Emily. SEX. EE.

This weekend it will be just me and the dogs and I’m really looking forward to some quiet time and possibly some pool time somewhere. Or maybe me and the mutts will head to the lake… The boat is out of commission, but that doesn’t mean I can’t lie around on a floaty or on a lounge chair with a beer in my hand while the doggies frolic about like otters.

Besides…I need to work on my tan.

red couches are awesome and a happy ending

I love our new couch! It’s comfy, cozy and RED! I had to cover it up this morning because when I got home yesterday after work, Ruby had decided she could, in fact, jump up on the couch. It’s funny that when we’re home, how her legs suddenly stop working and she has to beg us for help. Our help is in the form of a Harry Potter pillow on the floor. “Get on your pillow, Ruby.” and she does. But when no one is at home, she thinks the couch is her domain. Hmph.

Speaking of pet domains…

The bed is so high off the ground that only Clementine can jump up. Ruby struggles even with her step-stool and Trin Trin just can’t jump that high anymore. Which leads me to a story of love and trust:

Once upon a time, about 18 months ago, an awesome Red-head and an awesome Jefe started dating. Jefe had two dogs, one who loved the red-head without question, and the other who could only look at the red-head if Jefe was in the room. And even then, it was with a side glance. There was no trust between this dog and the red-head.

Time passed and the dog started allowing the red-head to feed her snacks and occasionally let her outside. Eventually Jefe and the dog moved to Arkansas, and the dog slowly warmed up the the red-head and her two boys. But still, there wasn’t much love or trust–just appreciation for land and treats.

Several more months pass, and the dog seems to have developed a love for the red-head. Well, maybe not love, but a strong like–an affection. The dog greets the red-head with excitement when she comes home for work and sleeps next to her on the bed in the mornings. The red-head is very pleased with the progress as this dog is very loving and loyal to her people. Well her Person. The red-head is starting to feel a little bit like she belongs to the dog, even if only on the periphery.

Which brings us to today, when the dog wanted on the bed (see above). The dog asked the red-head for help by nosing her leg and panting. The dog then allowed the red-head to lift her onto the bed without a hesitation or a growl.

The red-head now believes she may actually be considered one of the dog’s people. Not completely, but there is at least love and trust now. The Red-Head is very happy.

I love happy endings, don’t you? (ahem…c’mon guys! This is a PG-13 blog. Sorta.)

Happy Friday, bitches! And to all the awesome moms out there, enjoy your weekend!