if you’re sexy and you know it


Damn. Wasn’t that concert great last night? You know, the Beyonce’ concert? Whoa. I never thought my girl crush could be elevated to another level, but somehow, some way, Beyonce’ made me love her even more. There are born entertainers, and this chick is one of them. Also, how perfect is her Brick House Body? That’s why I’m going back to Boot(y)Camp. So I can mold my awesome ass into a Beyonce’ BooTAY.


BTW, we only watched the concert. I’m glad the Ravens won the Super Bowl, but I wasn’t in the mood for football. And neither was El Jefe. So we watched movies and snuggled and enjoyed some alone time while the boys went to my bonus child’s house and ate ribs and watched the game with their bonus parents.

In some very sad news, one of my favorite places on earth is closing at the end of the month. The Hot Springs Brau Haus has been a very important place in my life for the past 18 years. I spent the majority of my birthdays there. The owner, John, became a dear friend. We became friends with Zac (aka The Angry Tuba Man) and Cheryl–the duo known as The Itinerant Locals. We watched their babies (Eureka and Zephyr) go from belly to babies to big kids on the stage…Ian did his first Chicken Dance at the Brau Haus when he was 18 months old. I had my first taste of Franziskaner Weissbier and Optimator at Brau Haus. Sigh. You will be missed….

Workout Wednesday…

My days of Wine Wednesdays are gone for now. Do I miss them? Well, sure! I miss hanging with my girls on Wednesdays the most…however, I’m really enjoying my workouts, too. And I love the way my body is responding to regaining its fitness.

Yesterday, I added five 30 second sprints throughout my 30 minute run. I read that adding sprints to your runs will actually help you burn an additional 200 calories. It also increases your endurance without increasing your workout time. Since I’m working 7 days a week and it’s still getting dark too early, I can’t do my once-a-week long endurance walk/run. So I have to try to increase my endurance in the shortest amount of time possible.

I’m super-stoked about doing the 1/2 Marathon again.

I was a little disappointed to discover that recording my abdominal workouts on myfitnesspal.com doesn’t actually give me credit for additional calories burned. Hmph. I think if I do 200+ crunches a night, I’m burning some damn calories.

OH! And I think my elbow is healed enough that I can start BootyCamp again! I’m graduating myself from Beginner BootyCamp to Big Girl BootyCamp! I’m stoked. I just have to use light weights in the beginning so as not to re-injure my arm.

This weekend, we finally got a chance to start moving the storm debris down to the burn pile. Them was some heavy branches, let me just tell ya. We tried to move the branches in the front yard with the tractor, but they wouldn’t budge. Next up…a chainsaw.

This tree in the backyard is probably going to have to be completely removed. Sigh. It was such a pretty tree…

What’s going on in your world? Any fun news? Anyone really that concerned that Beyonce lip-synced at the Inauguration? no? Me either. This is NOT news, people, nor is it important.

Oh yeah: My Bachelor Recap is up at Hey Don’t Judge Me.…Go read the crazy and fill your eyes with Shirtless Sean…

It’s that time again!

So while everyone was wasting their time, watching the Alabama game…(seriously, did anyone think that Notre Dame even stood a chance?) I was watching The Bachelor. And my recap is posted for your reading pleasure.

(BTW, I did not root for Alabama. I don’t like them and I can’T root for them just because they’re SEC. I also don’t like Notre Dame, so I didn’t root for anyone. Well, that’s not true. I sorta rooted for a meteor to fall from the sky and land on the stadium…)

Looks like this season of Bachelor is going to be full of more insecure crazy bitches. It’s like they’ve never watched the show before. Where do they find these women?

I’m sorry girls, but being insecure isn’t sexy. Sure, we all have those moments, but when you’re threatened by another woman because they got the first rose, or they got a hug, or they have a nicer rack than you, then all you’re doing is making yourself look sad. ON NATIONAL TV. And your snide, petty, catty remarks, even under your breath, show who you really are…and now we all know.

Of course, it would make for boring TV if they didn’t have the crazies…and let’s face it, real life is full of crazies, too…so I suppose they fit on “Reality TV”.

I went to the gym yesterday. I felt great when finished. I’m heading at lunch again today. I am happy to report that 5 weeks off of bootycamp did not hurt me too badly.

You know, I never worry that much about my weight. Sure, I wanna lose weight so I can be healthier, but I don’t worry about my size.  Sexy is a state of mind. It’s an attitude. And honey, I’m a force to be reckoned with! Yesterday, I was heading back to my office from the gym and a man stopped me to tell me that he always loves seeing me on campus. He said “Your hair catches my eye, but your beautiful smile is what I enjoy seeing the most.” And then he called me lovely. AND I WAS IN GYM CLOTHES AND SWEATING.

Trust me. I didn’t stop smiling all day after that. Feeling good about yourself is always good, but hearing it…especially from an unexpected source like that, is the bombdiggity.

Smile! It keeps you young and makes you feel beautiful!

7 weeks and counting down…

The Little Rock Half-Marathon is in 7 weeks.

Probably I should get off my arse and get busy, huh?

It’ll be a good time. I can’t wait. I gotta order my awesome tights for the marathon. I’m thinking either  Pink Tiger (rowr!) or Tye-Dye Skulls….

Either way, I’ll be awesome.

Speaking of me being awesome, check out my new boots:

These were my Christmas gift from the boys this year. Aren’t they fantabulous?

Let’s see, what else is going on? Nothing but smiles over here. It’s such an amazing feeling when you release the negatives from your life. Too many people need to stir up trouble to make themselves feel better. I used to let that bother me. Now, I just let that bother them. It’s kinda freeing.

 I missed Rader this weekend (even though I would have sworn to Pete that I was ready for a break from his chatty-Cathy self). I really enjoy hanging out with my kids. They make me laugh so much. Good thing he’ll be back tonight for non-stop entertainment!

Hope your weekend was a lovely as mine. Sparkle on, my friends!

a Mel-O-Jumble

Bootcamp was great last night. My legs are definitely getting stronger as is my core. Our trainer, Marietta, is offering a 5:00 a.m. yoga class starting next week that I’d really like to do, but I’m afraid I can’t get my butt up and get there that early.

However, I think I’m gonna give it a go. It’s once a week for 4 weeks. I’m a big girl. I can do it. I’ll just put my grown up pants on and get out of bed. (What that really means is, I’ll just sleep in my yoga clothes, roll out of bed and head to the gym half awake.)

Arkansas plays Ole Miss this weekend here in Little Rock. If any of y’all are headed here from Oxford, give me a shout. Jefe and I are probably gonna hit the tailgating early. I have to have Rader at the stadium by 6:30 a.m. to assist the parking. It’s an early game, so I’m thinking there will be a lot of solo cups full of bloody maries and mimosas!

Halloween is next week! I keep getting costume emails. Why do these costume stores think ALL women want to go as “SWAT Hottie” or Sexy WHATEVER. Ugh. My new favorite? Sexy Bat.

Someone in my family used to say “People who dress as the slutty witch for Halloween, are just slutty and the holiday just gives them an excuse to flaunt it.”

Thankfully I’m okay with being sexy year around. This year, I just want to wear a fun wig and makeup. My sexiness is natural, enhancing it with such a costume might cause a rift between universes. I can’t be responsible for that.

Though I will admit that it might be a lot of fun to be a slutty big bird….Feathers and fishnets OH MY!

Whatever you decide to be for Halloween, wear it well. And if you decide to be a slutty bat this year, please stop by the PartyHood so I can see it! Warning, I will judge you based on the advertisement. You better have the rack to fill that top! I wanna see your tits plunging forward and giving people black eyes!

Round 2

Boot(y)camp started back again last night. This time, it’s 14 sessions over 8 weeks. Every Monday and Wednesday night (except Halloween and the Wed. prior to Turkey Day)

I’ll admit I was a little, shall we say, lax on my eating and exercising duties during the week and a half hiatus. I had good intentions, but…well, you know that means I’ll see you in Hell on my newly paved road, right?

Anyway, I was dreading the start back because I had been so sloth-like, however, the class went really well. I was able to do more than I was when we left and I wasn’t short of breath like I thought I would be. So, it’s all good and I felt great after it was over.

However, I peed every damn hour and a half last night. WTF?  /TMI

I have to get a little more stringent about my walking/running schedule. I did well for about a month…I think the problem is, I just don’t want to make it a priority. I have to, though. Mainly because I’ve signed up for the Half Marathon and I’m not gonna go down without a fight.

Okay, I’m off like a prom dress! See you guys tomorrow!

Operation Bootylicious 2011; episode 1

So y’all know I walked/ran a half marathon this past March, right? (I actually ran (ok “ran”) the last half of the marathon and walked the first half, which sounds retarded and backward, but honestly, the running was easier than the walking by then. dunno why)


After the marathon, I kinda just stopped working out. And by “Kinda”, I mean, I totally stopped. Like I think I’ve walked twice since March. And I’m not even sure if I can count them because I think I went directly to Cantina Laredo after the walks and fell into a vat of cheese dip and could only be saved from sure death by 2 Antonio Banderas Margaritas. Which I’m pretty sure cancelled out the exercise completely.

I do give myself an A for effort though.

I’m actually a pretty fit “fatty.” I’ve been very successful on my weightloss journey (<– yes, I said journey. You’re welcome.) It started when I lived in Oxford. I had decided to try to lose 20 lbs a year until I was at my goal. And even though I haven’t done that exactly, I have lost 5 sizes, and that’s nothing to shake a stick at. Unless you just really wanna shake a stick.

So in 5 years, I’ve dropped 5 sizes and gained the ability to walk/run 13.1 miles. Not too shabby. But also not enough.
What happens is, I get pretty happy with how I look and feel and I just stop. I hit a milestone such as completing the half-marathon, I take a break…and it ends up being a permanent vacation.
And then I end up falling into several vats of cheese dip. Only to be saved by margaritas… And then I start feeling fat and gross again. Bleh. I don’t like feeling fat and gross. I’m pretty sure y’all don’t like looking at fat and gross.
So yesterday I hit the gym at lunch. Today I feel beat-the-fuck up. But who cares. That’s what Advil and booze sleep is for. Who knows, maybe my fitness routine will be fodder for some fun blogs, kinda like when I used to blog at Fat Chicks Running all the time… Maybe I’ll have a new cast of characters I can make fun of while I’m makin’ my bacon a little less fatty and a little more bootylicious.